Biden Has a Labor Day Festival of Fail With Remarks in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – RedState

Biden Has a Labor Day Festival of Fail With Remarks in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – RedState

Joe Biden keeps digging himself and his fellow Democrats a big hole with his continuing attacks on millions of Americans who support America being great. I get that’s a tough concept for Joe and the folks on the left who are used to hating America. But it’s not going over well with most Americans that he’s taken that tactic.

As we saw from the Reuters poll at the end of last week, he’s at close to his lowest polling numbers for that poll at 38 percent approval. He also just hit his lowest numbers with independents in the YouGov poll. So if he thinks he’s appealing to anyone other than rabid Democrats with these ridiculous attacks, it’s not working and it may be hurting him.

However, that’s not stopping Biden from still doing it and lying his head off in the process. He’s falsely said in the past the police were killed on Jan. 6 and he still tried to imply that during his remarks on Monday in Wisconsin, “Police lost their lives as a result of that day. And the MAGA Republicans and your senior senator said it was “a peaceful protest.”” That of course is a lie, but it’s all about demonizing MAGA people because he knows the Democrats are about to get wiped out in the midterms.

Biden was interrupted at the event by a protester who called him a liar. It sounded like security removed the man. But what struck me was Biden’s response to them tossing the guy.

He stumbled over his words, “We have to be stronger and more determined and more committed to saving American democracy than the MAGA Republicans and that guy [alking – he left out the “w”] out the door are [to] destroying democracy.” Not only couldn’t he get straight what he was trying to say, but Biden thinks that protesting him is “destroying democracy.” That is so authoritarian and narcissistic, not to mention the failure to understand the basic rights in the Constitution. He not only doesn’t understand we’re a Constitutional Republic, but he also doesn’t understand that freedom of speech is part of those rights. Not only is he demonizing people, but they’re not allowed to even object to him doing so. He just keeps making things worse, saying things like protesters are now “anti-democracy.”

But he would be Biden if he didn’t combine that narcissism with his trademark incoherence. I think he was trying to say “protect” here, but it came out as “prect” or “pricked.”

Add to that his attempt to say “reduce the deficit.”

But then at further remarks in Pittsburgh, he had still more difficulties. His crowd was minuscule. Looks like the last place anyone wanted to be on the holiday was with Joe Biden except for the union folks who were likely told to be there.

He claimed that he ran to bring back the “soul of the nation” — as though it had somehow been in danger and he could somehow rescue it.

What pretentiousness, talking about “decency” “honor” and treating people with respect when he lies so much and just treated millions of Americans with incredible disrespect as no one in the office has ever done before.

Even as he talked about “decency” and “honor,” he lied again about his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

He debunked that after he got nailed for it years ago.

Finally, he again seemed to get lost as to what he was supposed to be doing at the end of his remarks, “Where am I going?”

Hopefully, to get full-on checked by a righteous red wave in November, that’s where you’re going. The way off the stage was clear, yet he couldn’t seem to find it without help. That’s how much of a Festival of Fail he is at this point.

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