Canada Schools Purge Children’s Books in Name of ‘Reconciliation’

Canada Schools Purge Children’s Books in Name of ‘Reconciliation’

Canadian schools eliminated 5,000 children’s books in a ‘purifying’ ceremony against racism. But why?


f you don’t think the comic-book characters Asterix and Obelix amount to a clear display of “sexual savagery,” I’m not sure you’re going to understand this story.

You wouldn’t be alone in your befuddlement.

The classic characters, and the books that carry them, were among the victims of a newly revealed “book-burning” carried out by a Canadian school board in Ontario in 2019. Roughly 30 books, including Asterix and the Indians, were burned, while some 5,000 others have since been targeted for destruction by other means, according to reports. It’s led to some hand-wringing by Canadian politicians, including Justin Trudeau, though that

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