Clown Behind ‘ElonJets’ Harassment Openly Tries to Extort Musk on CNN – RedState

Clown Behind ‘ElonJets’ Harassment Openly Tries to Extort Musk on CNN – RedState

Yeah, I’m not sure announcing that you are trying to commit criminal extortion on national television is a smart move, but it’s a move Jack Sweeney made on Saturday evening.

Sweeney is the ridiculous clown behind the “ElonJets” harassment campaign. The site bypasses privacy filters on the ADSB tracking of Elon Musk’s private jets in order to expose his location. That recently led to Musk’s son being attacked by what most believe to have been a member of Antifa.

While on CNN, Sweeney told the host (admittedly, I have no idea who he is and don’t care) that he would stop what he’s doing in exchange for $50,000 or a new Tesla.

I mean, that’s a bold strategy. I guess we’ll find out how it works for him, but it does reveal exactly the kind of person Musk is dealing with. This isn’t someone who even believes he’s providing a public service, though it would have been hard to imagine an argument for that anyway. Rather, it’s an obsessed leftwinger harassing Musk just for the sake of harassing him. Actually, now that I said that out loud, it’s not really surprising at all.

Worse, if you watch the clip, it appears this has been Sweeney’s game all along. He says “I’m not gonna up it, there’s no need to” when talking about what he’s trying to extract. In other words, this wasn’t just some cheap joke on CNN. He actually wants Musk to pay him off.

Will anything happen to Sweeney for making such a legally precarious demand? Of course, not. We have a DOJ that would rather nuke its own headquarters than do anything to actually help Musk and his family or anyone else somewhat friendly to the right. Sweeney could write his extortion attempt down on paper and get it notarized and federal law enforcement would still shrug. That’s how politicized things have become.

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