CNN Analyst Lit up by Internet After She Advocates Physical Destruction Against Freedom Convoy – RedState

CNN Analyst Lit up by Internet After She Advocates Physical Destruction Against Freedom Convoy – RedState

People on the left who have been all for protests from the BLM are suddenly suffering from severe hypocrite whiplash as they jump on the liberal media narrative to hate on the Freedom Convoy protesters who are protesting COVID mandates and restrictions in Canada.

CNN analyst and Harvard professor Juliette Kayyem tweeted about a Wall Street Journal report of how the truckers have a blockade at the Ambassador Bridge on the border between Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario. She had some suggestions for how to get rid of the Freedom Convoy.

“The convoy protest, applauded by right-wing media as a ‘freedom protest,’ is an economic and security issue now. The Ambassador Bridge link constitutes 28% of annual trade movement between US and Canada. Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks,” Kayyem wrote. It should be noted that Kayyem worked for the Obama DHS as well.

Now let’s just say, that Harvard/CNN aren’t sending their best here. If you slash the tires and empty the gas tanks, how are you going to move the trucks? She doesn’t understand the setup there, or that the tow trucks have already refused a request from the city of Ottawa because they work with the truckers and they support them too.

Kayyem doubled down on the consequences she wanted protesters to suffer.

“Trust me, I will not run out of ways to make this hurt: cancel their insurance; suspend their drivers’ licenses; prohibit any future regulatory certification for truckers, etc. Have we learned nothing? These things fester when there are no consequences,” Kayyem said.

So suddenly it’s cool to completely flip out against the freedom protests and demonize them, while they were all in on support for the BLM which had hundreds of riots, injured hundreds of cops, with people being killed during their actions. In talking about the BLM right to protest even in the middle of the pandemic, Kayyem noted how protest was a duty. You didn’t hear about “things fester when there are no consequences” from her then.

The ties between #blacklivesmatter and the #covid crisis are not just about its disproportionate impact on minority communities. Coronavirus exposed a federal government so morally unsound, so dysfunctional, so not capable of the moment that protest became a citizen’s duty.

She’s upset that the Freedom Convoy is disrupting trade? Suddenly they’re losing their minds over a few days of a blockade? Where were they when the lockdowns and mandates were destroying people’s lives, their jobs, and the economy? That was just cool when the government does it without another thought, even when a recent Johns Hopkins study base said lockdown served no real purpose. But they have cost so many of these protesters so much. That’s why these people are out there protesting. But now the left is suddenly upset with the harm to businesses when they didn’t care before? Suddenly they care about businesses?

Again, you know people by their actions. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has yet to meet with the protestors. That’s how much he cares about the thoughts of Canadians.

Many on the internet lit up Kayyem over her comment, noting not only her hypocrisy but also how dumb the tweet was.

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