Communist China Adds Critical Race Theory Video To Propaganda Lineup

Communist China Adds Critical Race Theory Video To Propaganda Lineup

A propaganda outlet controlled by the Chinese Communist Party aired a video promoting critical race theory to American children.

In the video produced and disseminated by the China Global Television Network, a network owned by a state media company that answers to the official CCP Propaganda Department, two English-speaking narrators explain that “black people have gotten fewer opportunities than other people” and “racism is passed down from generation to generation.” 

“So they have less money to buy food and take care of their needs. Black people also tend to get sick more often because they can’t afford doctors or medicine. And black people are hurt by police officers at a higher rate,” the video states.

The video also urges parents to discuss “news” with their children as young as kindergarten such as, “Some police made bad choices because of the color of someone’s skin.”

“When kids link race with value judgments, don’t get angry and shut them down. Instead, probe to find out where these ideas are coming from,” the video continues. “You can also show your kids how racist ideas hurt people.”

The narrator encourages parents to “take a look at what your kids are watching and reading” because “unfortunately, most children’s books and shows centered around white characters.”

“Lead by example, and add diversity to different parts of your mind. Take part in activities likely to have a diverse group of people,” the narrator says while a group of people, including a gay couple, marches across the screen.

The video concludes by claiming that “being not racist just keeps things the way they are now,” but “by being anti-racist, you can help lead our children to a brighter future.”

This is not the first time the Chinese communists have used the left’s rhetoric about race as a means to undermine and embarrass America. During the Alaska Summit in March, CCP member Yang Jiechi used Black Lives Matter to claim that the United States has no standing to criticize China on human rights.

“The fact is that there are many problems within the United States regarding human rights, which is admitted by the United States itself as well. … The challenges facing the United States in human rights are deep-seated. They did not just emerge over the past four years, such as Black Lives Matter,” he said.

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.

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