David Hogg’s admission might have caused physical pain – Bearing Arms

David Hogg’s admission might have caused physical pain – Bearing Arms

David Hogg has made his name as an anti-gun crusader. He wants gun control and based on his past comments, he wants total disarmament. He just knows he can’t get that, especially not right now.

However, he has yet to find a gun control law that goes too far for him. Not a single one.

So it’s unsurprising that he’s supported many recent gun control laws. It must have caused him physical pain to admit that they didn’t work.

In a recent interview with CBS News, gun control activist David Hogg boasted about guns laws he helped get passed that he says saved the life of his mother, while also admitting that added gun restrictions have not prevented further mass shootings.

Hogg and the organization March for Our Lives were vaulted into the spotlight after the Parkland mass shooting in 2018, which sparked massive protests across the United States, predominantly featuring young people who wanted increased gun restrictions.

The report states that Hogg acknowledges that the gun control laws that have been passed since 2018, including ones he helped get pushed through, have not stopped an increase of mass shootings in the United States, but he still believes they have stopped some.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were 336 mass shootings in the United States 2018, versus 417 in 2019 and 611 in 2020. CBS News states an unspecified number of approximately 600 for 2022.

Hogg went on to claim that Florida’s red flag law may have saved his mother’s life as it was used to disarm someone who was issuing threats.

Of course, threatening someone’s life is a felony, so an arrest and conviction would have not just been warranted but needed, then the individual would have been disarmed permanently, but that’s neither here nor there.

What is relevant, however, is how we’ve seen a ton of gun control laws passed in numerous states in recent years. We’ve also seen an uptick in “mass shootings” by Gun Violence Archive standards, which Hogg has touted in the past as accurate.

So by his preferred definition of “mass shooting,” they’re increasing despite all the laws on the books. These are laws he supported and argued were necessary to prevent mass shootings, and yet, none of that has happened.

Funny how that shakes out, isn’t it?

What Hogg has never come to realize–they don’t teach that to state college rejects they accept at Harvard–is that mass shootings happen regardless of what gun laws are on the books. More than that, though, they tend to target locations where people are going to be disarmed.

All the gun-free zones that Hogg loves so much? Those are all potential targets for mass shootings. Historically, what mass killers want is a lot of people in a relatively confined space and no armed good guys, be they police or armed citizens.

In his effort to increase gun control both in Florida and throughout the nation, Hogg has likely not just failed to prevent mass shootings but may have contributed to them happening.

Not intentionally, mind you. I don’t think he’d go that far, not as things currently stand, but that’s the net result of his efforts.

So, as a result, his proposed policies aren’t just failing to do what he claimed they’d do, but they may be having the opposite effect.

Yet we also know that David Hogg is unlikely to ever acknowledge that. The truth is, once you hitch your horse to a particular cart, it’s not common for someone to unhitch it without flipping completely, and that’s a road Hogg will never go down.

So here we are, with him having to admit that gun control isn’t working.

I’m sure that hurt to admit, but we also know that it’ll just be an excuse to call for still more of what’s failed than to reevaluate his premises.

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