Doug Emhoff Creates Immediate Controversy Over Menorah Pic With Kamala and Story of Hanukkah – RedState

Doug Emhoff Creates Immediate Controversy Over Menorah Pic With Kamala and Story of Hanukkah – RedState

The Biden/Harris team is so bad at so many things that sometimes it’s hard to believe that these are the people we have in office now, supposedly in charge. 

But when they have difficulty with even basic things like holidays, you know we are in big trouble. 

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff posted a picture of himself and Vice President Kamala Harris lighting the first candle of a menorah. The tweet has since been deleted, but you can still see what he wrote:

The story of Hanukkah and the story of the Jewish people has always been one of hope and resilience. In the Hanukkah story, the Jewish people were forced into hiding. No one thought they would survive or that the few drops of oil they had would last.

But they survived and the oil kept burning.

During those eight days in hiding, they recited their prayers and continued their traditions. That’s why Hanukkah means dedication. It was during those dark nights that the Maccabees dedicated themselves to maintaining hope and faith in the oil, each other, and their Judaism.

In these dark times, I think of that story.

His post about the meaning of Hanukkah was met with fiery criticism from people saying he didn’t understand the story of the holiday. That it was not about hiding but Jews fighting back, about a victory of the Jewish people over an effort to try to crush them and their traditions by an invader force. An important thing, particularly at this point in time, with the war with Hamas. 

Did Emhoff leave that out/change the story because he was ignorant or because he didn’t want to antagonize anti-Israel people on the left by talking about Jews standing up to their enemies and being victorious over them? 

How do you not get it right, with so many years in public life? The White House even claims he’s an important voice in fighting antisemitism as “Second Gentleman” and the “first Jewish spouse.” I guess we know why he’s the husband of Kamala, they seem to have a similar confusion about things, she who seems to be unable to communicate beyond word salads. 

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Here was a recounting of the story from Dave Rubin. Maybe Doug Emhoff ought to listen? 

Even former President Donald Trump, who is not Jewish but has Jewish relatives, got it more right than Emhoff. He also was not reluctant about making the historical connection and talking about the current threat from Hamas. 

People let Emhoff have it. Some also wondered why the picture only showed him lighting the first candle when we’re already at the fifth night. 

Even though Emhoff deleted the post, it was a little too late. The Internet is forever.

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