Dozens of Eritrean Protesters With Long Sticks Surround, Attack Police in London – RedState

Dozens of Eritrean Protesters With Long Sticks Surround, Attack Police in London – RedState

We’ve seen a lot of problems with law enforcement in this country over the last few years. Or perhaps I should say, that the problem is political, with the effect on law enforcement. 

You have progressive DAs who refuse to properly prosecute crime, which results in more of it. There’s also the perpetual question asked, when someone does something evil and then we hear he was “known” by the police. 

There was the effort to defund the police by those on the left which also had the unhappy effect of more crime. Who could have figured that trying to cut police and hamstring them in high-crime areas would be a problem — aside from everyone, except the left. 

Then you have the unequal application of the law where, if you have a “magical D” after your name, you may not get the same treatment as if you didn’t have that D. As we look back on 2023 and toward the future, that’s perhaps one of the most concerning things–the two-tier system of justice.

But as bad as some things might be here, this video from London is at another level. We’ve seen some attacks on the police, scuffles, and fights during riots.  But this takes it to another level, when protesters surround the police with long sticks, attacking the police and their vehicles. When the people no longer fear the police and no longer refrain from attacking them, you are going to have something close to anarchy. 

The smacking sounds you hear are of the rioters hitting the police vans. 

You can see some of them hitting the vans, and at least some of the cops, with the sticks. They also picked up a barricade and launched it into the row of officers. 

The police seemed to be both outmanned and out-armed, which was the most striking thing. The police had clubs but it wasn’t clear what other weapons they might have had to deter rioters. They didn’t appear to deploy any in the clips I saw. So, rioters had absolutely no fear that they would face any real resistance from the police. 

Four police officers were injured; one was taken to the hospital and then subsequently discharged. Police say eight people were arrested for charges including violent disorder, criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon, and assault.

The police said the riot was related to tensions among the Eritrean community,” and that there was a meeting of members of the government at that location and the protesters showed up in response. 

There have been other violent riots related to Eritrean fighting in Tel Aviv and Germany, with 26 injured in Germany in September and over 100 in Israel in July.


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