Elon Musk Tours Kibbutz Massacred On October 7: ‘Jarring To See The Scene’

Elon Musk Tours Kibbutz Massacred On October 7: ‘Jarring To See The Scene’

Elon Musk visited a kibbutz in southern Israel on Monday alongside Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to witness firsthand the violence inflicted by Hamas terrorists against civilians on October 7.

Sporting a protective bulletproof vest, Musk viewed the burnt and destroyed homes in the kibbutz near the Gaza border, where more than 50 people were murdered. About 20 more were taken hostage or are missing. Musk was able to witness where terrorists butchered entire Israeli families.

The Times of Israel reported that Musk also watched a 44-minute video of what happened on October 7. The video was compiled from hundreds of videos that Hamas terrorists filmed of themselves joyously murdering, beheading, burning, and raping innocent Israelis.

One of the street’s Musk toured is a neighborhood of one bedroom homes for young people, where all the residents are believed to have been murdered, an Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson told The Daily Wire during a tour of the site earlier this month. 


“It was jarring to see the scene of the massacres as well as to see the short film afterwards that showed more of innocent people getting killed,” Musk said in an X Space with Netanyahu, during which they discussed what they saw.

“It was troubling in that movie, especially to see the joy experienced by people that were killing innocent civilians, including kids and babies and defenseless people essentially,” Musk said. “It’s one thing if, obviously, if civilians die, accidentally, but it’s another thing to revel in the joy of killing civilians. That’s evil.”

“The rebuttal is often made, ‘Well, Israel has killed civilians in Gaza,’ but there is an important difference here, which is that Israel tries to avoid killing civilians, doing everything it can to avoid killing civilians,” Musk said, adding that Israel does not express joy when innocent life is lost like Hamas does.

Musk said that he found the “massive protests in almost every major city in favor of Hamas” very troubling.

When Netanyahu said that Israel needs to get “get rid of the poisonous regime” inside Gaza the same way that the United States and allies did in Germany and Japan during World War II, Musk responded: “There’s no choice.”


Musk added that while it was imperative that the terrorists all be eliminated, it would also be critical to help rebuild Gaza the same way that the allies did with Germany and Japan.

Musk also said that it was important to start cracking down on overt anti-Semitic propaganda against Israel that is used to brainwash Muslims and others into wanting to kill Jews.


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