FBI Arrests Radical Trans Person Suspect over Threats to ‘Kill Transphobes’

FBI Arrests Radical Trans Person Suspect over Threats to ‘Kill Transphobes’

The FBI has arrested a trans person for allegedly posting social media threats against “transphobes” and other people who oppose the transgender agenda.

FBI agents arrested male-born transgender person, Elizabeth Ballesteros West, in Oregon last week after reports of online threats that included photos of guns, according to Newsweek.

According to the Gazette, West’s bio on social media read that he is a “A Nazi dominatrix from Hell, who is tired of the blackening of America and Europe and ready to stand up to the Black orcs and the Jewish Wizard.”

Some of the threats were posted to a Facebook group called the “Trans Woman Support Group,” one post of which featured an image of several guns and a complaint that West was being misgendered by “trans phobic” detractors.

The 56-year-old West, who reportedly has a history of bipolar disorder, allegedly admitted to being “at the end of my rope” and may be fired from his job due to his frustration over those who oppose the trans agenda, the Oregonian reported.

“I’m too old to keep looking for jobs and I’ve had it up to here being bullied by trans phobic a**holes I am left with no alternative. I’ll probably have to go out in a blaze of glory. I’ve been preparing for this moment a long time at least then I’ll be remember I have no family no friends,” West’s post allegedly said.

A criminal complaint states that West was arrested in Jan. despite being identified in Sept.

The posts highlighted by the federal documents seem to show West railing about illegal aliens who are being afforded trans drug therapies and surgeries for free, even as he had to pay for his. One post reportedly revealed his frustration over those who “had gender reassignment surgery and didn’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket for it.”

The complaint goes on to say, “From November 27 through December 15, 2023, agents frequented West’s page as it was available to the public. Agents observed that West posted and reposted multiple memes, videos and statements that contained violence toward Black and Jewish people and immigrants, images of weapons owned, idolizing of Hitler and the Nazi flag, and a live-streamed video of the Christchurch Mosque shooting in New Zealand.”

In another post, West apparently made racist comments about blacks because many blacks do not support transgenderism. He also slammed white women for the same reason.

Other posts targeted Jews, the feds said.

In one post, West reportedly said “Your days are numbered. Your people are now under the microscope, and most of the civilized world is revisiting the Jewish question,” the National Desk (TND) reported.

Federal investigators also said that West repeatedly refused to talk to them during the early phase of their investigation.

A subsequent raid of West’s residence revealed a number of firearms and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. After the subpoena search, federal agents arrested West.

The criminal complaint added that the suspect showed a “clear violent animus toward specific minority groups” indicating a “willingness to elevate her original threat of violence towards minority groups,” an agent wrote.

TND added that insiders who wished to remain anonymous also said that West had been arrested in 1993 for sticking a shotgun in his father’s mouth and threatening to pull the trigger.

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