FBI, Capitol Riot & Terrorism: Trust Eroding

FBI, Capitol Riot & Terrorism: Trust Eroding

The erosion of public trust in the FBI is a big problem for the country — for both the rule of law and national security.


tories such as the one Isaac Schorr reported Wednesday are a big part of why the FBI has lost so much of its good will on Capitol Hill and among the public.

It is not like some barroom blabbermouth called for the prosecution of former Trump officials and a number of congressional Republicans on the theory that they constitute the “command and control element” of a “terrorist group” that attacked the Capitol. Frank Figliuzzi was, for some of the Obama years, the FBI’s top counterintelligence official. And that was after he held other major supervisory positions, managing the work of hundreds

Originally Posted on: https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/06/capitol-terrorism-commentary-by-former-counterintelligence-chief-highlights-fbis-politicization-problem/
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