Gun control doesn’t equal safety – Bearing Arms

Gun control doesn’t equal safety – Bearing Arms

In the debate over gun control, all eyes have now turned to Tennessee. After all, that’s where the fight is right now, so that’s to be expected.

I’m not surprised at all the attention, either.

In fact, so far, pretty much nothing has surprised me.

Plenty has infuriated me, though. In particular, the continued idea that there are absolutely no options to gun control.

This isn’t unique to what’s happening in Nashville, to be sure, but it’s still pretty stupid. Take this bit about Tennessee:

Mothers who have been affected by the gun violence pleaded with Tennessee legislators ahead of this week’s Special Session on public safety.

Anna Caudill was a close friend to a victim of The Covenant School shooting.

“We are all here today because we love our kids, all of us here. We love our families, our friends, our communities, our state, and our city. And all Tennesseans want to be safe from gun violence, and we want our kids to return home from school every day safely,” Caudill said.

And, of course, Caudill is a supporter of gun control, wrongly believing that this is the only way forward.

Look, I get where Caudill is coming from. Boy, do I get it. I’ve been in her shoes. Do you want to know why I didn’t start pushing for gun control as a result?

Because nothing changed. My friend was killed not because gun control laws failed but because a maniac lashed out in anger and killed my friend and four other people.

If we want to make people safer, that’s where our attention needs to be focused. Removing guns from the equation doesn’t suddenly make violent people non-violent, and there are a ton of other ways to kill people wholesale that don’t require a firearm.

Yet gun control advocates can’t seem to think of any of these. In their mind, all that matters is that gun control must be passed, otherwise, bad things will happen.

Anti-gun regulations don’t change human behavior, though. They don’t turn sinners into saints. They don’t make the evil into angels.

It just forces them to find another means of carrying out some kind of horrific atrocity.

And you’re an absolute fool if you don’t think they will, either. Many of these individuals spend considerable time planning their attacks. Removing guns from the equation just means they have to find another tool, which they’ll take all the time they need to find.

That’s not going to change.

But the gun control crowd doesn’t want people to think about that. They’re simply wading in the shallow end of considering mass murder as an issue. They want to take a gun away and pretend that will make the problem go away, that if we pass a red flag law and maybe an assault weapon ban, suddenly the problem will disappear.

It won’t. That’s not how these people work.

They don’t suddenly quench their rage just because their preferred tool disappears. That’s not going to happen. They’ll still hurt people. They’ll still find ways to destroy lives.

We need to focus on the people. We need to understand mass shooters and what pathologies lead them down such a dark road. Until we do, we will never be able to prevent people from going down that same road, and I assure you, the damage that causes mass shootings will manifest in other forms of mass murder.

Gun control isn’t an answer. At best, it’s a bandaid, and things usually don’t conform to the best-case scenario.

Yet some people are unable to comprehend any alternatives because they’re too blinded by mass media indoctrination.

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