Iowa Parents Call for Security Measures Instead of Gun Control After Tragic School Shooting – RedState

Iowa Parents Call for Security Measures Instead of Gun Control After Tragic School Shooting – RedState

A recent school shooting in Iowa was the latest tragedy that could have been prevented if appropriate measures were taken. Instead of focusing on actual solutions, Democrats and the press focused once again on advocating for stricter gun control laws – at least until they found out the shooter was an avid proponent of the transgender movement, at which point they all but completely stopped discussing the matter.

But now, parents are speaking out and calling for the government to do something to prevent future tragedies. The interesting aspect of this development is that they are not pushing for more restrictions on firearms. Instead, they wish to see more security measures implemented in schools.

Several parents in an Iowa town where a deadly school shooting took place earlier this month told school officials on Monday they want more preventative measures and transparency as the school board plans for students’ return.

Their comments came during a Perry school board meeting, the day after the death of Principal Dan Marburger, who was critically injured in the shooting.

Grace Castro criticized the school district’s policies, saying that “lives were lost due to our lack of preventative measures.” She suggested the installation of metal detectors at schools’ entrances and a temporary remote learning option at the same time, and enforcement of a clear-bag policy as “the absolute least you can do.”

Her comments echoed what many other many other parents — including some of the victims’ families — have been saying on the Perry Facebook page since the district first announced its reopening plan last week.

The shooting, which resulted in one child being killed and seven other children and adults wounded, rocked the town to its core. It only makes sense that parents are seeking answers and solutions that are actually intended to stop more of these catastrophes.

After a series of school shootings over the past few years, red states have responded by passing legislation to implement various security measures in K-12 schools as a way to deter future shootings and make it easier to stop those seeking to carry out mass murders on campus. These include metal detectors, cameras, armed security personnel and others.

The Louisiana Department of Education has allocated the funds to 39 winning applicants across the state, ensuring each recipient receives $518,355. The aim is to improve safety by implementing various measures such as controlled access points, modern badge systems, upgraded surveillance cameras, and reinforced classroom door locks.

This follows a trend of red states focusing on strengthening security measures in their schools. Republican-led state legislatures in the United States have passed measures to bolster school safety in response to mass shootings. These states include Iowa, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, and Utah.

In Colorado, a superintendent acknowledged that having armed security could have prevented several shootings that took the lives of young children. Unfortunately, Democrats have vigorously opposed any solution that does not involve infringing on the right to keep and bear arms by making it more difficult for responsible Americans to buy and carry firearms. The Biden administration has refused to allocate federal funds for school security.

In this case, the parents in this Iowa town see the wisdom of employing tactics and measures that would actually decrease the chances of a shooter taking innocent lives instead of pushing for “feel good” legislation that won’t actually solve the problem. Hopefully, the city and state governments will listen to their pleas.

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