Man who fired shot during Kenosha riots arrested…again – Bearing Arms

Kyle Rittenhouse is famous for what he would probably describe as one of the worst days of his life. He’d shown on the streets of Kenosha to help people, but by the end of the night, he’d be labeled a racist and a murderer.

The thing is, if you watch the video, there was every reason to believe that he was likely to be killed if he didn’t fight back.

What started it all was a gunshot; one attributed to a man by the name of Joshua Ziminski.

Now, we know about the people Rittenhouse killed. One was a sex offender and the other a burglar. In fact, it seems that just about everyone in that riot seems to have been some degree of felon.

And it seems Mr. Ziminski has been a very naughty boy since the Kenosha riots.

The man accused of firing a shot into the air and starting fires during the 2020 turmoil in Downtown Kenosha is facing new criminal charges for alleged crimes committed last month while out on bond.

Joshua Ziminski, 37, and his wife Kelly Ziminski, 32, of Racine, were both charged Wednesday in Kenosha County Circuit Court with numerous felonies for allegedly attempting to rob a Kenosha man at knifepoint late last month.

Both are charged as parties to a crime with armed burglary, robbery with threat of force, intimidation, false imprisonment, unauthorized use of an individual’s personal identifying information or documents and misdemeanor battery. Joshua Ziminski was also charged with felony bail jumping.

Ziminski claims the victim here raped his wife after agreeing to pay her $200 per week for cleaning.

Now, Ziminski is still innocent until proven guilty, but I find it amusing that the man who reportedly fired gunshots moments before Kyle Rittenhouse killed two convicted felons and shot a third who’d had his felony record expunged is also facing a number of felony charges.

I mean, were there any good people in the mob that night?

I mean, statistically, you’d think if the mob that night represented the population as a whole, Rittenhouse would have shot them instead of three people with felony records in their past and the whole thing wouldn’t have potentially been sparked off by a guy looking at felony charges now.

After all, felons represent just 2.27 percent of the population.

The truth is that Ziminski probably only lacks a felony record prior to now because he just hadn’t been caught. I sincerely doubt that he just started acting like a criminal after the rioting and looting. I mean, I suppose he could have gotten a taste for it then and all, but I doubt it.

And let’s also recognize that if Ziminski did what he’s accused of, he deserves to rot in prison for a very long time. I know he’s saying his wife was raped, but that’s a thing for the police to deal with, not grounds for taking a knife and threatening someone if they don’t give you money.

Frankly, it suggests that the whole rape thing was fabricated because that’s not how people respond.

If he’d just beaten the guy, I might buy it, but he didn’t. He tried to rob him and then started talking about rape after he’d been caught.

Then again, he’d been part of the rioting in Kenosha. He probably thinks he can pull the “believe all women” card and walk.

Needless to say, this won’t play well in his arson and disorderly conduct trial…one that also led to witness intimidation charges against him.

Honestly, the more I see about Ziminski, the more I think that he’s a real piece of work.

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