Neo-Nazi Who Shot Up Texas Mall Praised Transgender Terrorist Who Murdered Christians In Nashville

Neo-Nazi Who Shot Up Texas Mall Praised Transgender Terrorist Who Murdered Christians In Nashville

The 33-year-old Latino male who murdered several people in Texas on Saturday at the Allen Premium Outlets was an avowed neo-Nazi who praised the transgender terrorist who murdered several people at a Christian school in Nashville in late March.

The killer, whom The Daily Wire is not naming due to company policy about depriving mass killers of the notoriety they often seek, had a social media account on the Russian social media site Odnoklassniki. The account, which was first reported on by The New York Times and later identified by researchers at another online publication, appears to have been created in 2020. The Daily Wire reviewed his social media page which appeared to have been used more as a diary than anything else, as he apparently had no friends and received no engagement on any of his posts.

Initial reports that the suspect was a neo-Nazi and an incel were confirmed by strong evidence on the account. The killer shared photographs of himself that showed that he had a large Nazi swastika tattoo on his chest and a tattoo of SS Lightning Bolts on the side of his arm. He also shared photographs of SS Lightning Bolts and Nazi swastikas.

He shared photographs of Latinos who had a Nazi-themed wedding in Mexico, writing: “My kind of people.” He also shared photographs of a Mexican Nazi group that he also described as “My kind of people.”

The killer also shared a photograph of Josef Mengele, a doctor at the Auschwitz extermination camp who selected Jewish prisoners for execution in gas chambers and conducted scientific experiments on them. The killer described Mengele as his “hero.”

In one of the last social media posts that he shared on the site, the killer glorified the transgender terrorist who murdered six people at the Covenant School in Nashville at the end of March. He praised how many people the shooter was able to kill and remarked “this is like the greatest accomplishment of feminism ever.”

In the same post, the killer seemed to attribute some blame for mass shootings to the media for the spectacle it creates behind mass killers like himself, writing:

The media f***ing proves it. They will never miss an opportunity to cover the event and cater the coverage exactly for sick f***s like me. Because the heart of the matter is: we all know it’s just a f***ing spectacle at this point, and the spectacle and the killer are far more interesting the the boring f***s who were killed.

In his final post, which was published on the day that he committed the atrocity, he wrote that he was scared about being confronted by his family for his actions and having them ask him why he did not seek help from a psychologist. He acknowledged that there was something seriously wrong with him in the post. He also wrote in his final post that he had been “thinking of moving back to Mexico.”

The killer served in the U.S. Army but “was removed due to mental health concerns” in 2008, according to the FBI.

Photos on his social media page showed that he traveled to the mall and took pictures of where he was going to commit the atrocity about 3 weeks prior to carrying it out. He also searched on Google for what time of day the mall had the most people.

His social media page showed a strong interest in pornography, strip clubs, death metal bands, journaling his psychotic thoughts, guns, and taking photos with any woman who was willing to take one with him.

In some of his writings, he became enraged when women did not pay attention to him and he overall spoke of women in demeaning and derogatory ways, saying that he did not want a girlfriend.

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