NYC “Migrants’ Picked Up Over Guns, One Previously Faced Attempted Murder Charges – Bearing Arms

NYC “Migrants’ Picked Up Over Guns, One Previously Faced Attempted Murder Charges – Bearing Arms

New York City has a “migrant” problem.

The word is in quotes because, frankly, it’s really not accurate. Yes, the people are arguably migrating from elsewhere, but they’re doing it illegally. We’re not allowed to say that anymore, though, which is a problem for me. I’ve never been crazy about the term “illegal alien” because I’m a science fiction nerd and “alien” means spaceman in my head–yes, I know it’s an accurate term. This is just a me thing–but “illegal immigrant” was good enough.

Now, though, we can’t use the term “illegal” in front because it’s insensitive or something.

Why does this matter? 

Because of a recent set of arrests in New York City that stemmed from gun charges and seemed to all involve “migrants.”

A woman, seven men and a 7-year-old child were all discovered living in a basement apartment at 3259 Hull Ave., police said. Officers were initially called to the building on March 27 about a man with a gun, according to authorities.

Officers found the man and a second man with firearms at the building, police said. Police identified one of the men as 24-year-old Hector DeSousa-Villalta, a migrant from Venezuela.

DeSousa-Villalta had been arrested in Yonkers last year for allegedly shooting a man and was charged with attempted murder and assault, according to NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell. The case against DeSousa-Villalta never went forward, and he was later released, Chell said.

Police identified the second man as Javier Alborno, a 22-year-old Venezuelan migrant who was arrested back in September for allegedly having a loaded firearm in the Bronx. A judge released him on his own recognizance, Chell said.

Found in the apartment were several so-called ghost guns, boxes of ammunition, as well as cocaine and ketamine.

I mean, it almost sounds like these people are all criminals or something.

At least two of them had previously been arrested and released, including one attempted murder charge that was never pursued, and while it’s not spelled out here, my money is that none of them have a green card.

In other words, they already broke one law–immigration–so why shouldn’t we at least accept that some who would break that law might be inclined to break others?

“But not all ‘migrants’ will break additional laws!”

No, maybe not. The smart ones won’t, at least, because it increases their chances of being deported, but it’s not like we haven’t seen a number of crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants as it is.

I know that some claim they’re no more likely to break the law than citizens, but to be honest, I don’t care. These two were accused of previously breaking New York City’s sacred gun laws and had absolutely nothing happen to them. They never even stood trial.

They should have had the book thrown at them, and then been deported upon completing their sentences.

Instead, a lot of “migrants” are breaking gun laws while the law-abiding citizens of New York have to just hope they don’t look like prey. They have to because even after Bruen, it’s damn near impossible to carry a firearm in the Big Apple.

Unless you’re a “migrant,” at least.

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