Ongoing COVID Dystopian Madness in Shanghai Now Endangering US Marines at Consulate – RedState

Ongoing COVID Dystopian Madness in Shanghai Now Endangering US Marines at Consulate – RedState

I reported the other day about the horrific situation unfolding in Shanghai, and the Chinese government’s insane desire to get to zero-COVID with severe lockdowns — not allowing anyone out of their homes. Many people are desperate for food, medicine, and medical attention. Children are being separated from their parents if they or the parents catch the virus. People who get sick are being taken off to quarantine camps. The elderly and the sick are dying because some can’t get medical care in the hospitals. People are even rioting because they’re reaching their breaking point with what the government has been doing.

If you wanted to see the dystopian nightmare of what lockdowns result in, Shanghai is there right now. In the videos below, people can be heard screaming out their windows after a week of lockdown, with the sense that something terrible was going to happen because “no one knows when this is going to end.”


When people go out on their balconies to scream, protest or sing, they are met by drones warning them to comply with the orders and stop.

“Please comply w covid restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open the window or sing,” the drones command.

The robot dogs are out during the day as well, to reinforce the lockdown. This is truly “through the looking-glass” stuff.

Some people try to go out, but then they may be set upon by these guys — people dressed in white PPE suits.

There are multiple videos of these guys beating people up. The government sent thousands of military into the area, so it’s likely the military behind the suits.

But those robot dogs might be the only dogs you’d see, because it’s not a good time for dogs and cats if the owners come down with COVID. The government is reportedly euthanizing them. That’s another thing infuriating the people.

There is a video on Twitter of live dogs and cats in bags, being taken away, as well as what appears to be the guys in the white suits killing dogs.

One corgi who chased after a van with his owners being taken away by the government was beaten to death, according to the South China Morning Post. They claimed they believed the dog could transmit the virus.

But the current food shortage is the biggest break of the contract of the government with the people.

I don’t agree with Dr. Feigl-Ding a lot, but he’s right here — that this is one of the things that is going to set the people off; we’re seeing it in the videos from the streets.

There’s a lot of madness there, but some of it is also endangering U.S Marines at the U.S. Consulate. A Consulate employee had to put out word on WeChat, asking if anyone could spare food for seven of the Marines.

“Marines have depleted their food and can no longer get delivery,” the employee told colleagues living in Shanghai.
The Marines only had vacuum-sealed rations left, the employee said in the message, seen by Reuters and verified by two people.
“I know we are all running short on supplies. If you can spare a meal’s worth or two for 7 extra mouths, they’d be very appreciative,” the employee said.
Staff responded with supplies, a person said in a later message, adding: “The marines are beyond thankful.”

At least they have vacuum-sealed rations, which may be more than the Chinese have. But why is the Biden State Department leaving them in that situation, in that hellhole, at the mercy of the CCP? Where’s the response to this from the Biden Administration?

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