Op-Ed Blasts NFL For Not Condemning ‘Gun Violence’ – Bearing Arms

Op-Ed Blasts NFL For Not Condemning ‘Gun Violence’ – Bearing Arms

There are a handful of things out there that almost no one is going to disagree with.

Oh, I’m not talking about people saying something is an objectively bad movie or that some famous singer is actually pretty terrible, I mean real things. For example, while some might justify a murder because their situation is different, most of us will agree that murder is a bad thing.

As such, is it necessary for people to condemn murder?

Probably not. We all know it’s bad and the purpose of publicly condemning something is to tell the world that you think it’s bad.

This brings me to the NFL.


Yeah, bear with me for a second.

You see, after the shooting in Kansas City, it seems a sports editor for the Wesleyan Argus, a student news site, thinks the NFL screwed up. They didn’t condemn violence.

We start with a headline reading, “A Policy of Inaction: NFL Fails To Condemn Gun Violence Following Kansas City Shooting,” and then get to this:

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the Chiefs launched the KC Strong fund in partnership with the United Greater Way Kansas City, which will raise money to support the victims and first responders, violence prevention and recovery organizations, and mental health services. The Chiefs, along with the Hunt Family Foundation and the NFL, made a $200,000 donation to the fund. Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes donated $50,000 and posted a tweet on X (formerly known as Twitter), sending prayers to those affected by the tragedy. Tight end Travis Kelce and his girlfriend Taylor Swift each donated $100,000 to GoFundMe campaigns set up for victims and their families. Kelce also tweeted a message of condolence following the tragedy.

I applaud the Chiefs organization and its players for showing up to support their community in such a dark time. But as I reflected on their response, I couldn’t help but notice one glaring, though not especially surprising, omission. 

No one from the Chiefs organization acknowledged that this shooting was the result of the United States’ utter refusal to reform its incredibly lax gun laws.

And, honestly, why would the Chiefs weigh in on something like this?

Absolutely no one in the world gives a crap what the Chiefs or any other NFL team has to say about gun control or any other political issue.

The author does note that the NFL wants political neutrality, though she claims that to be BS because they back the military and police and those are supposedly inherently political–which really just tells you all you need to know about this particular special snowflake, right?–so she at least gets why they’re not weighing in to some degree.

When NFL players started kneeling during the national anthem, the league lost a lot of viewers. People who watched pro football for decades suddenly stopped. They didn’t want to see pampered millionaires telling them all about how oppressed they were.

And it hurt the league. 

Part of why Taylor Swift was so front-and-center this past season was because the league needed to find a way to draw in viewers and Tay-Tay is one of the biggest names in entertainment.

If the NFL as a whole or the Chiefs in particular suddenly decided to join the anti-gun jihad, they’d lose even more viewers, and not just the pro-gun folks. People don’t want their sports teams and leagues to tell them how to vote.

None of which even touches on the little fact that our intrepid college sports page editor seems blissfully unaware of: Gun control doesn’t work.

The shooting in Kansas City was initiated by a man with a stolen gun, for crying out loud. Just how do you figure we need more gun control when the guy who started it all was breaking the law in the first place?

No, the Chiefs and the NFL are wise to keep their heads down. They need to keep doing just that and someday, they might recover from the previous debacle.

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