Organizer: The People’s Convoy Moving Trucker Protest To California

Organizer: The People’s Convoy Moving Trucker Protest To California

The People’s Convoy trucker protest group will be taking its road show out West.

On Monday, the recently formed protest entity, which operates under the tagline of, ‘Let Freedom Roll,’ announced it would soon relocate its fleet of trucks from Washington D.C. to California, as a means of protesting COVID-19 mandates within the Golden State.

On its Web site, The People’s Convoy cites a handful of congressional bills — which are subject to voting in the coming weeks — that will be the source of opposition protests.

Among the various opposition bills: Mandating immunizations for public/private school pupils/students, regardless of FDA approval; lowering the age of COVID-19 vaccine consent to 12 years old, without requiring parental approval; and requiring law enforcement entities to enforce city or state-mandated public health guidelines, or risk losing future funding.

The People’s Convoy Web site states: “We demand the Declaration of National Emergency concerning the COVID-19 pandemic be lifted immediately, and our cherished [U.S.] Constitution reign supreme. We are the people of the United States of America, and we stand together under the banner of freedom.”

Mike Landis, an organizer for The People’s Convoy, reportedly told the Herald-Mail, “I think stopping [the California bills] is more important at this point in time than getting the emergency declaration repealed because that’s already in place, and we need to stop stuff like these bills from getting in place.”

He then added, “Otherwise, the rest of us that don’t live in California are going to end up subject to the same situation.”

During its month-long stint in Washington D.C., The People’s Convoy apparently incurred opposition from area Metro Police, which blocked the truckers from accessing exits to the U.S. Capitol area.

The People’s Convoy Web site characterizes its inclusive movement as “truckers, moms, students, nurses, doctors, investors, county workers, teachers, cowboys, loggers, engineers, sanitation workers, professors, cashiers, flight attendants, pilots, sales reps, physical therapists. … To our elected officials that believe they rule us: You work for us.

“[The U.S. Constitution] was written to provide enough power to act on a national level, but not enough to deprive the people of fundamental rights. The people are prepared to see this challenge through — as we have seen through all challenges to our Freedom in the past.”

Inspired by the Canadian truckers’ “Freedom Convoy” movement from January and February, The People’s Convoy typically involves a large collection of semi-trucks, big rigs, campers, and other support vehicles. The cross-country caravan had plans of hitting Maryland and Pennsylvania on Monday, before trekking to the West Coast.

“We’re not done here,” said Landis during a Monday rally in Harrisburg Pa., referring to The People’s Convoy’s time on the East Coast. “We’ll go to California and raise awareness along the way; and hopefully get more people like we did on our way here. And then, once we stop this, we’ll come back to finish this job.”

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