Osteen’s Service Disrupted When Abortion Activists Strip

Osteen’s Service Disrupted When Abortion Activists Strip

A shocking scene unfolded at Lakewood Church on Sunday in Houston, Texas, when Pastor Joel Osteen was interrupted by shouting abortion activists.

Three people with the group called Texas Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights stood and began yelling as others around them watched in disbelief, KHOU reported.

They stripped down to their underwear and the entire protest was caught on camera.

As attendees took their seats a young woman stood up and tore off her dress revealing a bra with green handprints on it, and said, “It’s my body, my f***ing choice!”

Two others next to her also joined the protest, one yelling, “Overturn Roe? Hell no!”

However, the notion of overturning the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision, which would return the issue of abortion to the states, has gained popularity, recent polling found.

Breitbart News reported Monday:

A Harvard-Harris poll found voters are fairly evenly split on the issue of whether the Supreme Court should overturn the case that has allowed for millions of abortions since it was handed down in 1973, but it also found that the idea of overturning the decision has gained in popularity.

While 49 percent of Americans support the overturn and 51 percent oppose, support has increased three percent since November 2021 and opposition has decreased three percent. In that time, a draft opinion was leaked from the Supreme Court signaling the complete overturn of the decision.

In Sunday’s incident, the women were eventually escorted out of the room, according to the footage.

One of the women was later seen standing outside in her underwear holding a microphone.

She told people gathered nearby, also protesting, “We’re here today to break the silence and stand up because the Christians are not afraid to bother us at health care clinics, at doctor’s offices, trying to get essential health care. So why the fuck wouldn’t we bother you in your own home where the laws are coming from?”

Meanwhile, a plurality of American citizens consider abortion “the same as murdering a child,” according to a recent survey from The Economist/YouGov, Breitbart News reported on May 21.


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