PA Congressman, Veteran Calls Out ‘Abuse,’ Says Joe Biden Not Mentally ‘Competent’ As Commander in Chief – RedState

PA Congressman, Veteran Calls Out ‘Abuse,’ Says Joe Biden Not Mentally ‘Competent’ As Commander in Chief – RedState

On Friday evening, Congressman and U.S. Army veteran Scott Perry (R-PA) said what many of us are thinking: Joe Biden is not competent to be President or the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. This is known as belaboring the obvious.

“He could have never been, and he should never have been and he should never be [president],” Perry told Fox News Digital on Friday evening in an interview in Harrisburg when asked about concerns surrounding Biden serving as commander in chief after the Hur report described the president as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” 

“It’s abusive… what’s being done, using him to be the president. And I don’t know that he’s making many decisions. There’s a lot of people around him that I fear are making the decisions,” Perry continued. 

Perry, who is up for re-election in Pennsylvania’s 10th District, attended the NRA’s Great American Outdoor Show on Friday when former President Donald Trump delivered the keynote address during the event’s Presidential Forum. 

This is shaping up to be one of the defining issues of the 2024 Presidential campaign: Is President Biden competent (it’s increasingly obvious he is not), and who is really making the decisions?

Nationally, Democrats have been lining up in a non-stop parade of denial over Biden’s fitness for office, especially following the release of the damning Hur report.

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The President himself has been hitting back since the report was released.

Biden held a press conference Thursday evening where he fielded questions from the media regarding his mental clarity, memory and age following Hur’s report. Amid Biden defending his mental state, he confused Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi as the “president of Mexico,” sparking concern stateside as well as abroad. Critics lampooned the president for the gaffe, as some called for the invocation of the 25th Amendment, which stipulates the presidential order of succession if a commander in chief is unable to fulfill their duties, dies, resigns or becomes incapacitated.

The juxtaposition of the President’s angry denial of the Hur report’s assessment of his mental state alongside his confusing the leader of Egypt for the leader of Mexico just supports the contention that he’s not fit.

While it would be fitting and appropriate for the Cabinet and Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment and shooting President Biden into low-earth orbit, that avenue looks unlikely; forcing the President from office would require a two-thirds majority of the House and the Senate to vote for removal, and the Democrats have far too much invested in insisting the President is competent to suddenly change course at this point. To be perfectly candid, nobody in either party wants to see Kamala Harris behind the Resolute Desk.

As I said, on the national level, the Democratic Party has painted itself into a corner. They can go with Joe Biden this fall and attempt another basement campaign — or they can pull some kind of coup at the Democratic National Convention this summer, and risk fracturing the party. These are, more and more, looking like their only options.

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