Palestinians Celebrate Massive Terror Attack Against Israeli Civilians

Palestinians Celebrate Massive Terror Attack Against Israeli Civilians

Palestinians at home and abroad were seen celebrating the violent terror attack Hamas launched on Israel over the weekend that left at least 250 people dead and 1,500 wounded.

The Palestinian terror attack happened on the Jewish holiday of Shemini Atzeret, the final day of the annual High Holy Day cycle.

As Breitbart News detailed:

The Palestinian militant group Hamas launched unprecedented terror attack on Israel, which has included the firing of thousands of rockets onto the Israel and the infiltration of Israeli territory by land, air, and sea. Responding to the surprise attack Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that the nation is “at war” and the terrorists “will pay a price it has never known before.” Thus far, the attacks in Israel have reportedly left 250 people dead and 1,500 wounded. Hamas claims it has captured Israel Defense Force soldiers and civilians during its assault on Israeli border towns outside Gaza.

Photos and videos were uploaded to social media that showed Palestinians praising the violent terror attack.

Some Palestinians were pictured celebrating after they were able to capture an Israeli tank. The photos showed the Palestinians waving the Palestine flag and posing with the “victory” hand symbol. Another Palestinian was seen praying on the ground in front of the captured Israeli tank.

One video showed Palestinians in Gaza celebrating and running towards the captured Israeli tank. The Palestinians could be heard shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Another video from the West Bank showed Palestinians cheering, clapping, and chanting things to show support for the violent terror attack on Israel. The crowd could be seen holding guns in the air and shooting them, including a young girl holding two guns surrounded by men.

Another video showed Palestinians in the West Bank marching through the streets supporting the attack on Israel.

The celebration extended across the globe as well.

Iranians in Tehran gathered to support the Palestinians, lighting fireworks and waving Palestinian flags.

Similarly, Palestinian supporters in Istanbul, Turkey, were seen cheering and waving Palestine flags to show support for the violent attack on Israel.

In Berlin, Germany, Hamas supporters gathered on the streets to clap and chant songs in support of the terror attack on Israel.

Palestinians in London were also seen waving flags in the streets to show their support for Hamas.

This story is developing.

Jordan Dixon-Hamilton is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write to him at or follow him on Twitter.

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