Pardoning The McCloskeys Is What Real Racial Justice Looks Like

Pardoning The McCloskeys Is What Real Racial Justice Looks Like

The media like to pretend they’re anti-racist when in reality they’re just pro-mob. Especially if the mob is targeting random, nondescript whites.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey of St. Louis just received a pardon from the Missouri governor after they pleaded guilty to a couple of trivial charges related to the incident last summer wherein they displayed their guns as a rowdy group of demonstrators passed by their home.

This should be a story for the C section of a local paper but the McCloskeys are white and wouldn’t back down to the intimidating Black Lives Matter crowd so of course it has the national press shaking in anger.

Wednesday on CNN, anchor John Berman opened a segment on the pardon by reminding viewers that the McCloskeys were the ones “who pointed guns at protesters last summer.”

Hmm, that’s weird. A couple who just decided to take aim at some simple “protesters”? That would be shocking for anyone who doesn’t remember what was actually happening at the time in June 2020.

For those who have understandably blocked out the trauma, I’m sorry to remind you that at that time, every major city in America was under siege by Black Lives Matter rioters who were burning down buildings, bashing windows, vandalizing public property and looting small businesses.

The carnage and chaos resulted in dozens of deaths and the most expensive insurance claims tab for rioting ever. (at least $1 billion, perhaps as high as $2 billion).

And during this time — known by liberals as “the romantic period” — Democrat-controlled legislatures and city councils were voting to decriminalize the rioting. District attorneys were declining to prosecute thieves and vandals. Mayors were ordering police departments to stand down. And the media were gushing over the “mostly peaceful protests.”

It was the rise of the “defund the police” movement and with the understanding that cops weren’t supposed to interfere with the madness, they weren’t around when people needed help.

Oh, and one other minor detail: St. Louis has the second-highest violent crime rate in the country.

There are two ways to react when faced with a noisy and angry mob descending upon your private, gated community: Make yourself as small as possible and hope it passes you and property by unmolested, or make it known that you’re prepared to defend yourself and your home.

The McCloskeys chose the latter. When they saw the protest breach the vicinity, they grabbed their guns and demanded that the crowd keep moving.

During that CNN segment hosted by Berman, his guest, Democratic State Rep. Rasheen Aldridge, said, “That day could have really turned out to be deadly.”

No shit. And perhaps it didn’t because the McCloskey’s warned what would happen if it did.

That they were ever charged with anything is a joke. Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, a Democrat, tried charging them with felonies but then had to be removed from the case after she bragged about it in fundraising emails.

In the end, the McCloskeys had to pay a relatively small fine and give up the two guns they displayed on that day last year. It’s unfair but no one can blame them for wanting to put it all behind them.

Now Mark McCloskey is running for Senate. It would be great if he won, if for no other reason than that it would actually give the media a legitimate reason to continue talking about him.

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