Paxton Faults Record Border Migration On COVID Rise In Texas

Paxton Faults Record Border Migration On COVID Rise In Texas

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Sunday said COVID-19 numbers are spiking because of the record migrant surge at the border.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Paxton said President Joe Biden’s criticism of the alarming COVID caseload in the state is pointless since he has no credibility.

“There’s no doubt our [COVID-19] numbers are going up because of the border and what’s going on down there,” he said. “I talked to Dallas police officers who told me that they’ve seen buses come in at night and be completely emptied and the people just disappear.”

But, he added, the president’s criticism “doesn’t have any credibility left with me.”

“He’s lecturing us, Texas and Florida, and Americans on vaccines and on masks and yet he’s allowing illegal immigration with COVID coming across our border every day by the thousands,” he charged.

“And so it’s hard for me to believe in what he’s saying when he is openly allowing people to cross the borders and then go all around the country with COVID.”

Paxton also blasted the state Democrats’ protest of proposed new election laws, calling their flight out of state to rob the legislature of a quorum on the vote “ridiculous.”

“Democrats protesting and leaving the state, this is a ridiculous way to handle democracy,” he said. “It’s not a democracy, it’s a minority trying to control the majority.”

He defended the proposed new requirements as “not restrictive.”

“We have one of the most open-voting systems in America with two weeks of early voting and this is merely trying to refine some of the things that happened in the last election that went wrong,” he said. “These people ought to come up and debate and vote for their own constituents and for the people of Texas.”

“It’s one of the most important issues of our time,” he added. “If we can’t make sure that our elections are credible and people trust them… people will stop voting. They’ll stop believing in the system of democracy.”

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