Pro-Hamas Protesters Sink Even Lower, Violently Harass Mourners Leaving Henry Kissinger Memorial – RedState

Pro-Hamas Protesters Sink Even Lower, Violently Harass Mourners Leaving Henry Kissinger Memorial – RedState

The pro-Hamas, anti-Israel fanatics were at it again, this time teaming up with Henry Kissinger haters to harass mourners leaving a memorial for the late diplomat on New York City’s Upper East Side Thursday.

It was a sick scene as they shouted epithets and threats:

Six radicals trailed an unidentified man and woman who had paid their respects to the former secretary of state at Temple Emanu-El on East 65th Street, waving signs that read “F–k Kissinger” and throwing water at the couple as they walked up Fifth Avenue, a shocking clip posted on X by FreedomNews.TV shows. 

“You’ll burn in hell, forever,” one of the far-left zealots shouted at the couple, who partly blocked their faces with an umbrella, while another heckler threatened, “And we will burn your homes, too.”


Meanwhile hundreds of extremists — some wearing keffiyehs — gathered across the street from the synagogue to celebrate the diplomat’s death, chanting “Rest in piss” and “Henry Kissinger, blood on your hands.” Some waved Palestinian flags and held signs saying, “Death to US Imperialism.”

Events took a violent twist when agitators surrounded a man wearing a pin depicting an Israeli flag. As they got into his face in a threatening manner — and one lady blew cigarette smoke in his face — he spit on them. He then grabbed one of their signs.

The zealots then really started going after him, and it was only because police intervened that things didn’t get out of hand. It was a wild scene:

Kissinger, who was secretary of state in the Nixon and Ford administrations, died at age 100 in his Connecticut home on Nov. 29. While he was controversial and some don’t remember him fondly (as many of the posts on X showed), it’s still a sick move to protest a memorial service. It’s not like he’s going to hear your arguments. These people have no decency.

They’re not even above protesting at children’s cancer hospitals. As my colleague Nick Arama reported in mid-January, they stooped so low as to gather outside Manhattan’s Memorial Sloan Kettering, a world-renowned cancer center that also has a pediatric facility in the building, to yell at the people inside fighting for their lives.

One of the leaders of the march declared Memorial Sloan Kettering as “complicit.” Complicit in what? They didn’t say on this clip. 

“Make sure they hear you,” she encouraged the yelling crowd.  “They’re in the windows. On this day, shame on you. You support genocide, too.”

Just disgusting behavior. But progressives have proven many times before that they have no depths that they won’t sink to.


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