Rep. James Comer to Newsmax: Biden’s Vaccines Mandates ‘Making Matters Worse’

Rep. James Comer to Newsmax: Biden’s Vaccines Mandates ‘Making Matters Worse’

President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates are only “making matters worse” for employers already dealing with a massive labor shortage, Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., told Newsmax on Wednesday.

Comer, who sits on the House Oversight Committee, said the administration has not turned over relevant information on why it is imposing a vaccine mandate and the written executive order or regulations it created to enforce one.

“It’s very disappointing because they talk about misinformation, and they talk about all the problems they have with vaccine hesitancy, but when members of Congress in committees of jurisdiction over this type of injustice, request specific information, the Biden administration fails to respond, and mainly because they probably don’t have an answer,” Comer told “Stinchfield.”

“We have asked for specific information, specific data, on why they based these decisions on mandating [vaccines], what constitutionally do they have in forcing these vaccinations, and they can’t answer any of these questions. It’s very disappointing. It’s only making matters worse.”

He said, without the written order, or regulations created through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Office of Management and Budget mandating employers of 100 or more to force vaccinations, it is hard to answer the questions businesses have.

“Every employer in America is having trouble finding workers thanks to the bad Biden policies that have extended unemployment and incentivized people not to work, so then you’re throwing on another problem with forced vaccinations, and it’s only adding to the labor shortage,” Comer said. “None of these questions can be answered by the Biden administration because they don’t have a specific regulation. They don’t have anything in writing that will answer and clarify all the questions that people in the private sector have.”

According to The Washington Post on Wednesday, some 40 different groups are meeting with federal officials to clarify a coming rule from the Office of Management and Budget that will implement the mandate for companies, which could impact 80 million workers throughout the country.

Public employees, including police and firefighters in the biggest cities, are already losing their jobs or quitting in protest of the mandate.

Chicago police alone estimate almost half of the department is currently unvaccinated despite that city’s mandate going into effect Monday.

“Think about with the huge labor shortage we have in America, the supply chain challenges that we have,” he said. “Joe Biden is trying to implement another unnecessary, burdensome, mandate that – oh, by the way – infringes on our liberties and the Constitution, and it’s just making a bad situation worse on top of inflation.”

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