Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to Newsmax: We Must ‘Crack Down on Censorship’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to Newsmax: We Must ‘Crack Down on Censorship’

After California cities canceled three attempts at holding America First rallies, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Newsmax vowed to lead the effort to regain a Republican majority in Congress and restore free speech.

“We have to do is we have to crack down on the censorship, remove Section 230,” Greene told Monday’s “Cortes & Pellegrino.” “These companies should not be protected. They don’t deserve the protection, especially when they’re working with the current regime to restrict Americans free speech and censor our voices.

“So that would be No. 1 on my list.”

Greene spoke with co-host Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino after Anaheim issued a public statement saying Greene and Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., would not be permitted to hold rallies in their city and venues because “they don’t represent our values.”

It was a direct admission of silencing political opposition, Greene said in outrage.

“You can see what’s going on,” Greene continued. “This is communism. This is communism when you have American cities canceling two members of Congress events at private venues.

“They’re also canceling these businesses ability to be able to serve a customer and make money. It’s absolutely unbelievable and everyone should be outraged.”

Greene noted using the violent threat of counter-protests from Black Lives Matter and antifa groups to cancel sitting members of Congress is not only appalling but blatant hypocrisy on display after last summer’s celebration of “peaceful protests.”

“There was no violence at Trump rallies,” Greene said. “There have been no violence at our America First rallies – as a matter of fact they’ve been nothing but a celebration of our freedoms and America First policies that serve all Americans.

“But yet these two cities and even in Ohio because of antifa and BLM, radical domestic terrorists who are the ones that truly cause violence all over the country, because of those people, we are being canceled and our speech is being canceled and we’re being blamed for it.”

Back to Big Tech, Greene noted they have started the communist-like activism attempting to cancel Republicans in the public square live and online. She noted her Twitter account was just suspended for 12 hours once again for telling truths about COVID-19 vaccines and liberal activists disagree with for political reasons.

“Twitter is playing a big part in a role with Big Tech and Facebook and the White House, apparently the Joe Biden administration, in censoring Americans along with the communist cities and communist California who doesn’t believe that America First represents their values in Anaheim or Riverside,” she lamented.

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