Rep. McCormick to Newsmax: Biden’s ‘Significant Miscalculation’

Rep. McCormick to Newsmax: Biden’s ‘Significant Miscalculation’

Rep. Rich McCormick, R-Ga., told Newsmax on Thursday night he understands the strategic importance of President Joe Biden traveling to Ukraine and Poland earlier this week, but that Biden should have first visited East Palestine, Ohio, the site of a train derailment that led to toxic chemicals being released into the environment.

“It was a significant miscalculation on his part,” McCormick, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told “Eric Bolling The Balance.” “Ohio is an incredibly important state. What happened there is significant; he should have visited there first.

“I’m not going to criticize him for going overseas. I think he should have done both and in the right order. I’m not sure why he did it in that order, but I think it sends a very bad message to the American public about what he cares about.”

McCormick said he is trying hard not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, “but there seems to be a lot of buildings burning and buildings exploding in America that have never burned or exploded before in very critical areas of agriculture and production.”

“It worries me a lot,” he said. “… It’s important to look at what’s happening overseas, but pay attention first home and then overseas.”

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump visited East Palestine on Wednesday, distributing food and bottled water; the water was personalized with Trump’s name on the bottle. McCormick was asked to respond to a clip from CNBC’s “Morning Joe” show Thursday in which co-host Joe Scarborough commented on the former president’s speech.

“The guy is just so gross; he really is,” Scarborough said. “Talking about Trump water, branded Trump water. By the way, he’s such a hypocrite too, attacking Joe Biden while Joe Biden is risking his life fighting for western democracies — something he doesn’t give a damn about.”

Said McCormick: “It’s funny. You can’t give credit to anybody who is doing something good and philanthropic.”


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