Rep. Owens to Newsmax: Universities Face Scrutiny for Antisemitism and Segregation

Rep. Owens to Newsmax: Universities Face Scrutiny for Antisemitism and Segregation

Rep. Burgess Owens, R-Utah, expressed his concerns about what he sees as growing issues related to antisemitism and segregation in universities during an interview with Newsmax on Friday.

Speaking on “Eric Bolling The Balance,” Owens highlighted the existence of race-specific graduation ceremonies, stating, “You know, the university [Harvard] now has Black-only graduations, Hispanic-only graduations, and gay. So, these are things that we know as a country we do not accept.”

He emphasized that such practices contradict the principles of a country striving for a more perfect union and underscored the progress made since the era of segregation. “This is something we cannot put up with,” Owens asserted.

The congressman expanded his critique beyond a specific university, noting, “And thank goodness we’re beginning to see it. It’s not just Harvard, by the way. Across the board, this whole thing of DEI is dismissive; it is racist. It’s bigotry.”

Owens raised concerns about differing standards based on an individual’s race or creed, stating, “This president, [Harvard President Claudine Gay], if she was white and she was Jewish, she would be held to totally different standards. That, to me, is as racist as it gets, that we lowered the standards because of a person’s color, creed, or whatever.”

He questioned the suitability of individuals in positions of authority, regardless of their background, saying, “In this case, she does not belong where she is, and no matter what color we are, we should still see that and make some changes for sure.”

The representative emphasized the need for accountability in universities, citing the absence of oversight for decades. “That’s why we have a committee that has oversight over this kind of situation. We have not had for decades that these colleges be accountable for the product they are giving us,” Owens remarked.

He linked his concerns to societal outcomes, stating, “Our product has been antifa, and products have been BLM; it’s now pro-Hamas. These are kids coming out that we’re raising that the company’s university would have a totally different idea of what our culture is like with no empathy, and we need to change that.”

Owens concluded by advocating for standardized expectations, stating, “So yes, we’ll be looking at all of the above. We’re looking at the endowments … Every other institution is held to standards. They need to be held to the same standards.”


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