Rep. Pete Sessions to Newsmax: Dems Keeping Jan. 6 Probe Open Without Facts

Rep. Pete Sessions to Newsmax: Dems Keeping Jan. 6 Probe Open Without Facts

House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, want to keep the investigation into the Jan. 6 incidents at the Capitol alive, but it will take action in the nation’s court cases against the protesters before many of the facts will be resolved, Rep. Pete Sessions told Newsmax Saturday. 

“The Democrats want to keep this alive without the availability of facts,” the Texas Republican said on Newsmax’s “The Count.” “That’s why it’s a circus, and that is why Speaker Pelosi wants this to have an unending life rather than get into the facts of the case … Republicans want the facts of the case and I think that we will eventually get that, but it may take a year or so before the court cases are resolved.”

Pelosi this past week announced her appointees to a House select committee investigating Jan. 6, including GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, of Wyoming, who frequently opposes former President Donald Trump. 

But Sessions said the events of that day have been investigated in several ways and through a “huge number of hearings,” but it’s important to allow those involved to have their day in court. 

“No one has been charged with inciting a riot,” he said. “There was not one weapon that was found.”

Republicans, he added, also want to examine the days before the violence broke out to determine if Pelosi had gotten any advice or direction ot the Capitol Police, and who was responsible for the death of Ashlii Babbitt. 

That doesn’t mean that Sessions doesn’t think people involved in the violence broke the law and that more will be charged with crimes. 

“I think it’s very true that there were people who do did violate the law,” Sessions said. “They did interfere with official conduct and business at the House of Representatives, and they did assault police officers, and I think that we will learn that those people will pay the price.”

However, he added, “we need to know the rest of the story.”

“What intelligence was provided ahead of time?” he said. “What intelligence did they act upon and where are we going from here? What would happen if this happened tomorrow? These are questions that we need to have resolved so that we are secure that the Capitol Hill police received the support that they need.”

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