Secret Service Provides Cellphone Numbers to Jan. 6 Panel

Secret Service Provides Cellphone Numbers to Jan. 6 Panel

The Secret Service provided the Jan. 6 panel a list of agency-issued cellphone numbers, for the period it is investigating, belonging to agents in Washington, D.C., ABC News reported.

The move is an attempt to show the agency’s cooperation with the committee investigating last year’s insurrection and the role then-President Donald Trump played in it.

The panel can now decide which agents’ call records they want to review. If the panel decides to do so, it now can request the call records directly or issue a subpoena from the agents’ cellphone providers.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security inspector general responsible for the Secret Service also has acquired a listing of cellphone numbers. Inspector General Joseph Cuffari’s office is conducting its own investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

As ABC News reported, both DHS and the Secret Service have faced criticism recently related to the deleted text messages of agents who were around the events of Jan. 6.

Congressional Democrats have lobbed accusations at Cuffari for disregarding efforts to obtain text and phone records from that day.

Recently, a Secret Service spokesperson acknowledged that the agency lost some cellphone data from January 2021 after a pre-planned data transfer.

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