Sen. Scott to Newsmax: Biden Never Mentions US Hostages

Sen. Scott to Newsmax: Biden Never Mentions US Hostages

American hostages continue to suffer under Hamas control, Houthi terrorists are firing missiles at American military outfits with impunity, and the two most important men to affect positive change on either situation are nowhere to be found, Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., told Newsmax on Tuesday.

Technically, Austin has now been found after going AWOL for four days last week, but he’s still not “doing anything to get our hostages back,” Scott said on “Eric Bolling The Balance.”

“Why don’t we have a president that cares about the hostages that Hamas is holding right now? He never talks about them,” Scott told Bolling. “And what’s Austin doing to get American hostages back? Is he doing anything? I guess not. I mean, if he can be gone and nothing’s happening, maybe, I guess, he’s not doing anything to get our hostages back.

“What if you’re that family, and now, what you see here is you know your president and your secretary of defense does not care one iota about whether you come back alive?” Scott added.

Then there are the Iranian-backed Houthis, who are wreaking havoc in the Red Sea from positions in Yemen.

“Why aren’t we gonna hold the Houthis responsible? It’s the Houthis’ leadership that is shooting off the missiles that are trying to kill American men and women,” Scott said. “When are we going to hold them accountable? When are we gonna destroy them? (Biden and Austin) are the ones to do it. I mean, I’m glad that, you know, we’re able to defend against these missiles and things so far.

“But at what point do we get a secretary of defense and a president that has the guts to stand up against these terrorists?”


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