Stephen A. Smith Cried Racism When the Texans Fired Lovie Smith, and Now He Looks Like an Imbecile – RedState

Stephen A. Smith Cried Racism When the Texans Fired Lovie Smith, and Now He Looks Like an Imbecile – RedState

As bad as the leftwing bias is when it comes to the political press, believe it or not, it’s arguably worse in the sports media. One glance at the resurrected website “Deadspin” will give you an idea of just how bad things are, but the problems exist at major outlets like ESPN as well. 

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One of the worst instances happened in March of 2022 when an analyst went on a minutes-long lecture in opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which both the political and sports media falsely labeled the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. It was surreal in that it seemed so out of place given they were calling a basketball game, yet it wasn’t surprising given ESPN’s more recent history. 

That clip was a microcosm of why ESPN is failing as a network, but it was hardly the only example. Enter Stephen A. Smith, who threw his hat into the ring idiocy about a year later when he decided to accuse the Houston Texans, an NFL team, of racism for firing failed head coach Lovie Smith. 

SMITH: You just wanted them to band-aid the issue for the moment to buy you some time before you did what you wanted to do. The Houston Texans organization are an atrocity. They are an embarrassment. And as far as I’m concerned, if you’re an African American, and you aspire to be a head coach in the National Football League. There are 31 teams that you should hope for. You should hope beyond God that the Houston Texans never call you, not as long as that man is in there, and something needs to be said about it.

Why was Lovie Smith fired? The answer is that he went 3-13-1 in the prior season coaching the Texans and the organization decided he clearly wasn’t the right fit. Sometimes, it’s better to cut bait with a coach than waste multiple years trying to force a situation that isn’t going to work. Lovie Smith is black, though, so the cries of racism from Stephen A. Smith and others echoed throughout the sports media. 

Guess what the Texans just did? They just won the AFC South with a different black head coach. Yes, contrary to Stephen A. Smith’s recommendation, now-head coach Demeco Ryans did not “hope beyond God” that the Texans would never call him. Instead, he interviewed with the team and accepted the job when it was offered. Now, his team is headed to the playoffs and Stephen A. Smith looks like an imbecile. 

What’s the lesson here? The lesson is how vapid race-obsessed individuals like Stephen A. Smith are. These aren’t people making serious arguments with real thought put into them. They are just reflexively falling back on the only claim they know to make. ESPN offers a platform for it because the network is intent on burning itself to the ground, but most sports fans see what’s going on, and they are more than happy to point and laugh.

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