Testimony From FBI’s Wray Vital for Riot Investigation, Durbin Says

Testimony From FBI’s Wray Vital for Riot Investigation, Durbin Says

FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee is vital to obtaining information about what the agency knew about the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol and whether it shared the information and to whom, the committee’s chairman, Sen. Dick Durbin, said Tuesday before Wray’s appearance. 

“Getting to the heart of the issue, the insurrection mob that tried to take over the Capitol and interrupt our constitutional responsibilities is evidence of a growing threat of domestic terrorism in the United States,” the Illinois Republican said on CNN’s “New Day.” “I want to make it clear I have no tolerance for violence on the right or the left. Currently, we’re dealing with white supremacist groups which are well-armed and determined to kill innocent people.”

Durbin also slammed what he called the “next big lie” when it comes to the shifting narrative on the riot, and took Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., to task over his denials about the riot.

“Some of the statements he’s made are preposterous,” said Durbin. “I respect him as a senator from another state but he sounds like a senator from another planet.”

Durbin then discussed the status of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, including the news that Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., was among a group of senators who met with President Joe Biden and said he wants to see a more targeted measure.

“I’ve been working with Joe Manchin, going back several months trying to get bipartisan solutions,” said Durbin. “Manchin’s approach as he said is not to cut the amount of money but to target it. It is not an unreasonable request and we should try to find some common ground if we can, without compromising the relief package that absolutely needs to be passed.”

He also referred to Manchin as a “man of conscience” and said he respects him. 

“I think he’s looking to make this package better,” he said. “We disagree on some elements, but the bottom line is, I believe he wants to work in a constructive fashion, not to destroy the president’s rescue plan, which America desperately needs.”

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