There’s a reason Biden comes back to gun control – Bearing Arms

There’s a reason Biden comes back to gun control – Bearing Arms

I’ve noted several times that President Joe Biden campaigned on gun control. He’s repeated his calls for more extensive regulations many times throughout his presidency. Typically, it happens after a mass shooting. He calls for assault weapon bans, often before we even know what happened. It’s kind of tiresome.

But he recently went out to Monterey Bay, California. It was well after the shooting there, but he went to talk about gun control.

Over at The Federalist, David Harsanyi has an idea of why.

When things are going poorly, Joe Biden usually heads out for another gun-control push, issuing executive orders, demanding more legislation, and repeating many of his most preposterous anecdotes and claims. Because Biden’s gun rhetoric offers little more than emotionalism, it doesn’t have to make much sense — which, of course, plays to his greatest strength.

During the spring and summer of 2022, when inflation kept hitting new 40-year highs, Biden gave one cynical speech on gun violence after the next. This week, as the banking system yawned under the weight of his reckless policies, Biden was in Monterey Park, where 11 people were murdered by a 72-year-old lunatic during last year’s Lunar New Year celebration, to demand Congress pass more laws.

Obviously, it’s all meant to be a distraction. But it also needs to be debunked.

Harsanyi goes on to do just that, which is something we have done a great deal as well and will continue to do. It’s kind of our reason for existing here.

But I wanted to talk more about the point that gun control is kind of a “safe space” for Biden. I don’t know that I’d have thought to phrase it quite like that, but it’s certainly accurate.

We “credit” Biden with being kind of dumb at best, suffering from dementia at worst. Regardless, someone in the White House is being smart.

See, the media has shown that it will forgive just about any sin so long as you start talking about gun control. Former Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was embroiled in a blackface scandal which quickly vanished when he vowed to push restrictions on firearms.

The same happened in Canada with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

After photographs surfaced of Prime Minister Cosplay in brownface, the press began to eat him alive. They stopped when he focused his attention on gun control.

While we can’t say Biden noticed, it’s clear someone in his circle did.

So, when things are getting tough for the president, particularly on something like the economy, he just hops on Air Force One and jets to somewhere and talks about gun control.

At that point, the media quits talking about the price of eggs or gas and instead fawns all over Biden as if he’s said something new.

From a strategic point of view, this is smart.

Yet we can’t forget that what he’s talking about is interfering with our right to keep and bear arms. This isn’t something that we can all agree is an issue, even if we disagree with the solutions. No, this is our right to keep and bear arms.

The violent crime held up as a pretext is just that, a pretext. We know because even as violent crime decreased, Democrats still tried to push gun control as a solution.

So yeah, gun control is Biden’s safe space, so to speak, and that’s a huge problem for the rest of us. He’s making it clear our rights don’t matter–not that he thinks we have these rights, anyway–and he’ll throw them under the bus in order to get good news coverage.

And the media is stupid enough to fall for it every. Single. Time.

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