Trump Calls on Biden to ‘Release the J6 Hostages’

Trump Calls on Biden to ‘Release the J6 Hostages’

Former President Donald Trump, speaking in Clinton, Iowa, on the third anniversary of the Jan. 6 protests at the U.S. Capitol drew cheers when he called on President Joe Biden to release those who have been imprisoned on charges stemming from that day.

“They’ve suffered enough,” Trump said Saturday night in a rally that aired live and in its entirety on Newsmax.

“They have to release them. I call them hostages … Release the J-6 hostages, Joe. Release them, Joe. You can do it real easy, Joe.”

He pointed out that during the Black Lives Matter protests and riots during the summer of 2020, he took action. 

“Antifa knocks the hell out of Portland, takes over parts of Seattle, destroys Minneapolis,” said Trump, adding that he had to send in soldiers because “you wouldn’t even have Minneapolis, right, because the governor wouldn’t do anything. I’m not even supposed to do that. I had no choice … The place was burning down. They took over the police station. The police weren’t allowed to do their jobs. We got to allow the police to do their job, so we’re going to indemnify the police against liability.”

He also recalled a CNN reporter calling the protests in Minneapolis “friendly” while “right behind him the whole city was burning to the ground. You remember that, as far as the eye could see, it was all flames and I mean all massive. It looked like the biggest fire I’ve ever seen … not like there’s a little smoke. The whole place was in flames. It was crazy.”


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