Trump Hammers Biden Over Weakness In Confronting China

Trump Hammers Biden Over Weakness In Confronting China

Former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden in an interview that aired Sunday over the United States’ current weak posture toward China.

The remarks were contained in the second part of an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” that was recorded a little over a week ago.

“Look, this is the most dangerous time in the history of our country because of weaponry. The nuclear power is so enormous,” Trump said. “This isn’t two Army tanks going and shooting each other in World War I, World War II, soldiers standing behind a bunker and shooting people.”

“This is obliteration,” he continued. “And we have a man that doesn’t understand what he’s doing. We have a man that … stood up and told the whole world that we have no ammunition.”

Trump said that while he was president he had “every ammunition building full to the brim three years ago.”

“We’ve given it all away … The only thing worse than that is to tell the world,” Trump said. “He has told China and these other places that are hostile that we have no ammunition.”

Trump said that Biden giving large quantities of U.S. ammunition to other nations was “worse than any document that you could give,” a reference to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s documents case against Trump.

“So, now these people are sitting back in China and other places that hate us, including North Korea, where I had a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un and kept our country safe,” he said. “They’re talking about the United States of America has no ammunition. Think of it. How stupid can somebody be to say that?”


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