Trump Vows to End Washington, D.C.’s ‘Nightmare of Murder and Crime’

Trump Vows to End Washington, D.C.’s ‘Nightmare of Murder and Crime’

Denouncing the destruction of “Democrat-run cities” throughout America, former President Donald Trump vowed to take over the running of Washington, D.C., which he has lamented is living a “nightmare of murder and crime.”

“We will take over our horribly run Washington, D.C.,” Trump told his Cedar Rapids, Iowa, rally that aired live and in its entirety Saturday on Newsmax. “It is horribly run. Have you seen it?

“It’s filthy, dirty, with graffiti all over the most beautiful marble columns, magnificent columns built 200 years ago, 100 years ago. It’s still loaded with graffiti at levels you’ve never seen.”

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, in office since 2015 and who once named an area of the city Black Lives Matter Plaza during the 2020 race riots, has run the capital into the ground, according to Trump.

“The roads are disgusting,” he continued. “They’re like driving over garbage. And we’re going to clean it up, renovate it, and rebuild our capital so that it’s no longer a nightmare of murder and crime.”

Trump pointed to recent killings in the nation’s capital.

“People are killed every night,” Trump said. “People are hurt badly. They go to Washington; they’re proud of their country. They come out. They’re frightened to go outside. They can’t go outside. You can’t. If you go outside, you’re making a big mistake. This is our capital; it has never been like that.”

Trump denounced the homelessness and tent cities popping up since he left office.

“You know, when I left, it was different,” he said. “It was much different, but years ago, it was really amazing.

“I wouldn’t allow anybody to park or put their tent up on our lawns of our beautiful parks. Now the parks are loaded up with tents, and they’re loaded up with homeless.

“We have to help the homeless, but we can’t destroy our capital. We’re going to rebuild our capital. We’re gonna make it so beautiful. It’s going to be the most beautiful capital in the world.”


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