UTLA and SEIU Local 99 Grifters Will Not Go Quietly on Dropping Mask Mandates for LAUSD – RedState

UTLA and SEIU Local 99 Grifters Will Not Go Quietly on Dropping Mask Mandates for LAUSD – RedState

After Governor Gavin Newsom lifted his hand on February 15 to ease the indoor mask mandates for unvaccinated individuals—but not for the schools, students and parents continued to hammer him on this selective easing and his continued insistence on maintaining his emergency powers, which allow him to keep these COVID mandates in place.

Hair Gel claimed he would revisit the student mask mandates on March 11, but certain California county school districts had had enough of his Hairfulness’ version of selective science. They independently reviewed the actual science, and their insurance carrier’s policies, and proceeded to bypass Newsom to institute their own mask-optional policies before March 11.

So, Newsom lifted his hand again and decided that mask mandates in schools were to end after March 11 after all. Amazing how that works.

Monday, March 14 was the first day of students’ freedom from masks since July of 2021.

The end of the state mask mandate Monday was a turning point for school districts, many of which have been besieged by anti-mask protesters at school board meetings and on campuses. Now school districts and county health offices have the authority to decide whether to continue to require masks on campuses. Many districts eagerly retired the mandate.

But because Los Angeles Unified School District and its teachers unions like to be “EXTRA,” they decided that while they would align with allowing students to take off their masks outdoors, they would still keep the student mask mandate in place.

Enter Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School Distirct Alberto M. Carvalho, fresh from Florida, and ready to make a mark in his new position.

The Los Angeles Unified School District announced Friday that it will scrap its mask mandate for students and staff starting next week.

The second-largest school district in the country, with over 600,000 students and 30,000 teachers, said masks will now only be “strongly recommended” indoors.

The new policy still needs to be formally ratified by union groups, but is expected to go into effect no later than March 23, district officials said in a press release.

The district’s face-covering policy is now in line with guidelines from the state and those of LA County’s Departments of Public Health.

Shorter: They were tired of the protests, wary of more lawsuits, and looked like idiots, since much of the state had already stopped torturing children and moved on with their lives.

Most districts in California lifted their mask mandate earlier this week, but LAUSD held off while it met with the teachers’ union, United Teachers Los Angeles, to come to an agreement, according to ABC 7.

“I strongly support ending the indoor mask requirement and am committed to continuing to uphold our science-based approach to COVID-19 safety and protocols,” Superintendent Alberto M.Carvalho said in a statement.

Wait—not so fast Supt. Carvalho—SEIU Local 99 are saying the negotiations are not complete and that this announcement is premature.

From their website, which has a photo of a morbidly obese teacher in a mask, doing the “Peace” sign with a poor student with a mask AND a face shield.

Not a great way to make their case.

We are concerned that LAUSD has made announcements to the media that they are lifting the masking mandates without first completing negotiations with SEIU Local 99 members.

This is in violation of our agreement which requires that the district negotiate with us over any changes to COVID-19 safety protocols. We had one negotiations session with the district on Friday, March 18 over this issue and members voiced their safety concerns. But instead of working with us to find solutions, the district has made a unilateral decision that is only based on their discussion with teachers.

Basically, they are letting Carvalho know who is in charge; and it’s not him.

The district must listen to the voices of frontline workers and complete negotiations with us to address safety concerns. Local 99 members’ concerns are valid and they should serve as a guide on what practices the district must adopt given that Local 99 members are critical to ensuring a safe, clean and supportive school environment.

We are demanding that LAUSD not implement any changes to its current mask mandate or any of its current COVID-19 policies until we complete bargaining over the impact of the masking mandate and any other changes to COVID-19 safety protocols.

Stay tuned for more and be ready to take action.

“Take action,” sounds like a veiled threat. It usually is with this bunch. You didn’t really think they’d go down quietly, did you? Silly rabbit—Tricks are for teachers unions!

Despite all of California’s mask mandates, vaccine mandates, passports, school closures and lockdowns, the CDC estimates that a higher percentage of Californians got COVID than Floridians It’s almost like the policies don’t matter at all

Between Newsom’s revolving door of health personnel, and the CDC’s so-called, “coding logic error” that caused them to overreport pediatric death numbers, the flawed science is doing nothing but producing flawed policies, and that’s been evident throughout this pandemic.

Besides, policies and science are pretty much useless when you’re dealing with legalized extortion; and that is all the UTLA, and every other teachers union, does.

In an L.A. Magazine puff piece back in August of 2021, UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz waxed eloquent about just how much power they have to extort. This was published before Carvalho was chosen for the LAUSD Superintendent position.

When a new superintendent is chosen by the school board, he or she will have to tangle with the woman sitting in the conference room at UTLA headquarters. And right now, she holds the cards, and she knows it. “We’re reenvisioning what the future of public schools will look like,” she says with assurance.

The term, “Hazard Pay” fits here, and Supt. Alberto Carvalho is about to earn every penny of that 440,000 salary now.


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