WA Teacher Allegedly Told Teens Identifying as ‘Straight’ Is Offensive

WA Teacher Allegedly Told Teens Identifying as ‘Straight’ Is Offensive

A Seattle, Washington, high school teacher who calls himself a communist is accused of telling his students that identifying as a “straight” person is offensive.

The news came after a parent filed a complaint with Chief Sealth High School, but Seattle Public Schools (SPS) reportedly stood by the teacher, KTTH’s Jason Rantz reported Wednesday.

An image shows the man in question:

Rantz’s article continued:

Tenth-grade Ethnic Studies World History teacher and self-identified communist Ian Golash asked students to complete a “Social Identity Wheel” worksheet, according to the parent, who asked for anonymity. It asks students to explain their various identities, including racial, ethnic, gender, socio-economic status, physical, emotional, or developmental disabilities, and sexual orientation. The worksheet is intended to tell students that their identities determine whether they receive unearned privilege or oppression.

A 15-year-old student reportedly wrote down that he was “straight,” and Golash apparently did not like it.

The boy’s mother shared emails with Rantz detailing what reportedly happened, and she is quoted in an email dated September 24, 2023:

When filling out a Social Identity Wheel, he (her son) was told that if he identifies as straight that he needed to pick a term that was less offensive. It is completely inappropriate to dictate what terms a student can and cannot use to identify themselves with.

In response, Golash reportedly claimed he was not targeting the teenager. He then said he did make a similar statement to all the other students in the classroom at the time.

It is important to note that Golash was criticized by the group Stop Antisemitism for denying the horrific acts perpetrated against Israel by the terrorist group Hamas on October 7, Rantz reported on December 17.

“Golash, who previously made headlines for ludicrously failing a student for asserting biological facts — that men cannot get pregnant — has now been exposed for his alleged Facebook posts defending Hamas and blasting Israel with baseless claims,” the article said.

Also in December, Post Millennial Editor-at-Large Andy Ngo revealed the teacher was arrested several times in Portland, Oregon, for assault, violating parole, and criminal harassment.

“According to Ngo, Golash was convicted of the latter charge,” the outlet said, adding he faces a charge for trespassing and harassment in Washington State.

Golash has also reportedly endorsed Antifa along with the “abolish the police” movement, the Post Millennial article said.


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