Why does The View think celebrities’ anti-gun efforts matter? – Bearing Arms

Why does The View think celebrities’ anti-gun efforts matter? – Bearing Arms

If it weren’t for doctor’s offices, I don’t know that anyone would ever watch The View. After all, a bunch of women sitting around arguing about whatever isn’t exactly what most of us would call a good time. Even if they agree with one another–and they won’t because there’s always a token Republican in the mix–it still sounds like an argument.

The only way I’m subjected to it is if I’m at a doctor’s office and the doctor wants his patients to suffer before seeing him. After all, after The View, even a colonoscopy sounds like a pleasant escape.

But if they just griped at one another, that would be one thing. Some people would watch just for that. The problem is that not only do they think their opinions matter, but they routinely have people on to push a similar agenda.

ABC’s The View featured of a live performance of a gun control song that urged viewers stand against gun violence by saying “enough.”

The song, “Your Child, My Child,” was performed by Natasha Bedingfield and MILCK, and began by focusing on how a high profile shooting often results in the focus being on something other guns.

The song then suggests Americans “move and…forget” after the emotional rush of such an incident passes.

In the bridge, the song asks what has to happen in order to make things better; to guarantee that a high profile shooting will never happen again. The singers then break into a chorus of “enough.”

The song fails to present any particular policies that might actually avert such awful tragedies, shockingly enough. It seems that a British pop singer and some supposed artist known for protest songs aren’t really well-versed in the particulars of the actual debate they’re trying to wade into.

Color me shocked.

But then again, this is The View.

People like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, the most inappropriately named women on Earth, are notoriously bad at understanding nuance and policy. They’re the crazy liberal aunt who makes everyone uncomfortable at Thanksgiving because they go on about climate change while driving an SUV.

Yet the most shocking thing is that The View actually seems to think this song is going to do anything. They actually think most Americans need celebrities and wannabe celebrities to tell them what to think on any given issue.

“But we should say ‘enough’ to school shootings!”

Great. We’ve all done that. Where the problem falls is that dipsticks like Bedingfield and MILCK seem to think that means doing so will ultimately mean we’ll vote for gun control. Look, Natasha, if you don’t like American gun laws, go back to England. We fought a whole war to make sure people in England couldn’t dictate laws to us, so go away.

MILCK is at least from the United States, but I’d never heard of her until I googled her name upon reading about this. It seems she’s fairly big in progressive circles, but I’m sure they don’t need convincing to support gun control, so whatever.

At the end of the day, there are a few things the ladies at The View need to comprehend. The first is that everyone agrees that school shootings are bad and that we should try to stop them. The problem is that people like you can’t seem to imagine literally anything beyond restricting the rights of people who did nothing wrong through policies that wouldn’t actually stop the shootings.

You can’t make people be better people through laws. You can’t stop mass murders by declaring an item illegal. They’ll just find another way.

Empower the good people to stand up for themselves and you’ll see much better results.

Not that you’ll hear any celebrities who support such a thing get a chance to talk about it on The View.

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