‘You Will Never Find a More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy’

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#1 – BREAKING: Multiple People Shot in Uvalde, TX: Police — by Nick Arama

Police are reporting that two people have been shot in the area of Uvalde Memorial Park at about 5:30 p.m. local time, according to KENS 5.

It is not clear at this point what the condition of the victims is. The police are hunting for two suspects in the shooting.


Congress Budget Manchin
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#2 – Joe Manchin’s Political Career Appears to Be Over — by Bonchie

Regardless, the story here isn’t the GOP candidates. It’s that Manchin has burned his political career to the ground to make the blue-haired climate hysterics on the left happy. I wonder if he still thinks it was worth it. Other polling shows his unfavorable rating with Democrats still in the toilet, so he didn’t gain with any of the people he tried to buy off. On the other end, his once-durable support among Republicans (especially more moderate ones) has completely collapsed.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why he made the decision he did. Manchin had a chance to cement himself with his home state, ensuring not just his re-election, but his legacy among his constituents. Instead, he sold the people who voted for him down the river to get a cheap pen from Joe Biden, a few days of plaudits from the press, and a cratering approval rating.


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#3 – We Now Know the Next One out the Door on the CNN List — by Nick Arama

Now the word is in on who is out the door next: John Harwood, who has to be one of the biggest hacks at CNN (although admittedly, there are so many it’s a tough call).

Harwood noted that Friday was his “last day at CNN” and said he looked “forward to figuring out what’s next.” That sounds like he got the boot to me and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

One of his last comments was an attack on President Donald Trump and a full embrace of Joe Biden’s despicable speech that even Biden himself is now running away from.


Capitol Riot Investigation
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#4 – It Looks Like Adam Kinzinger Has Finally Bitten off More Than He Can Chew — by Sister Toldjah

Indeed, in Clark’s cease and desist letter to Kinzinger, he noted on pages two and three how the purported Republican Congressman “deceptively edited” information he found off the ProPublica website – information that curiously enough is no longer there – to cut off where the page indicated that X Strategies had two employees at the time of the PPP loan request. Screengrabs taken by both Bruesewitz and Clark show what Kinzinger tweeted (that left off the employee information) and what ProPublica’s site originally had on their X Strategies page before the page mysteriously disappeared.

Further, Clark pointed out on page four that on another publicly available page on PPP loan information that lists the U.S. Office of Personnel Management as its source, it clearly shows the “jobs retained” information as “two” at the time of the April 2020 loan approval, which per PPP terms was forgiven including the accrued interest.

In addition to all of this, Clark alleges that Kinzinger, who he says acted with “actual malice,” did in fact know that X Strategies had employees considering he’s interacted with them on occasion on the Twitter machine.


APTOPIX Capitol Riot Investigation
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#5 – Unearthed Clip Completely Exposes Top January 6th Committee Member — by Bonchie 

How do you square that with Raskin’s current proclamations and grandstanding? The answer is that you can’t square it, though he won’t be asked to do so. Instead, Raskin will continue to pretend he’s somehow better than those who have questions about the 2020 election despite his past claims that each of the last two Republican presidents cheated their way into the White House.

The point is this. Everything these people claim their enemies are, they actually are. Hypocrisy undergirds the January 6th committee and the Democratic Party. Raskin and others started the trend of denying election results before any Republican ever even entertained the idea. That continual tearing down of our system grew over decades into the skepticism we now see spread across the political spectrum. It didn’t have to be that way, but the lack of accountability, and the attempts to rewrite history, have only caused more doubts.

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