Coup D’etat on the horizon?

Coup D’etat on the horizon?

From 2005 through 2010 Frank Guistra, the former head of UrAsia Energy, donated and pledged about 145 million to various Clinton foundations. UrAsia was the Energy company purchased by Uranium One which was subsequently approved for sale by Obama & Clinton appointed staff. Uranium One executives donated an additional 4 million to Clinton foundations and Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank with strongn ties to the Kremlin, paid Bill Clinton another $500,000 to give a speech. All of these donations appeared to be bribes for favorable votes on the sale of Uranium One. Mrs. Clinton either “can’t recall” or denies any knowledge of bribery.

Fast forward to 2016 when investigations are starting involving bribery of the Clintons, the we oiled DNC machine takes the exact charges against one of their own and successfully pins the entire story on Trump for colluding with the Russians, which of course never happened. This is the DNC’s modus-operandi. The more you look into the DNC’s playbook the more you see this, and with mass media helping the DNC they’ve been largely successful with this plan.

  • Quid-pro-quo news about Joe & Hunter Biden with Ukraine break so the DNC machine steps in and builds another false story accusing Trump of the exact crime that the Hunters committed. This ended with an impeachment based off zero evidence!
  • Mass riots following George Floyd are incited, allowed to continue by local Democrat Mayors & Governers, assisted & even paid for by bussing rioters from state to state. Again, the DNC with the help of CNN blame Trump for problems in purely Democrat controlled cities.
  • Biden staff Kate Bedingfield blames Trump for the continued unrest in the US. Really, how is Trump responsible for the riots and murder in our streets in democrat run cities that he offered to send national troops in to assist but was refused by the Democrats controlling each city? Adam Schiff chimed in with the same rhetoric against Trump over the weekend. All one needs to see is that Democrats are allowing the riots to continue, Republicans want to stop the bloodshed and violent destruction, who’s to blame?

The list goes on but you see the trend now. Democrats get caught doing something wrong, they manufacture new stories & write false dossier’s to try to blame Trump.

Most recently the talking heads of liberal media started a coordinated rumor that Trump may not leave office if he loses the vote. Then, right on schedule, Pelosi jumps on that band wagon and says nearly identical comments. All of these comments were baseless at the time, Trump made no indication, comments, actions leading anyone to suspect he would try to hold onto his office. The DNC Machine has laid out their blame, now they put their plan in motion.

  • Attempt to force mail-in-ballots – An action which everyone admits will result in dozens of never before seen electoral problems at the national level and delay election results by weeks or months, possibly longer when the courts get involved. When national mail-in ballots was introduced, Russia & China got giddy about how easy it would be to interfere with the election.
  • Pelosi says “Biden should not concede election”: this will draw the results out even further, she is basically rallying support for constant contesting of results nationwide and bring the entire electoral system to it’s knees. This is on top of the added confusion & problems we’ll see from possible mail-in ballots.
  • Pelosi wants to cancel presidential debates: This is a double-edged sword, obviously they don’t want Biden, the Gaffe Machine, standing up for 2 hours in front of the world creating embarrassing himself & his party, Biden has nothing to win by debating as he’s in the lead but he has Lots to lose everytime he opens his unscripted mouth. The other side of this sword is the chaos & confusion factor they add to with this move. Every little item the DNC Machine spits out that causes the tiniest confusion in the electoral process adds to their narrative that Trump will not leave office, thus further justifying their coup.
  • Build an Army to support the coup: Wait, what? There’s no rebel army, or is there? Right under our noses they’ve built an occupying army that spreads fear and fights with guns, fire, rhetoric, mass media and any tools they can find, and they call themselves Protesters. We all know they aren’t protesters, they are criminals, rioters, domestic terrorists fearing and shaming all of us into supporting their cause. They are an army of the DNC and they’ve laid waste to most of our larger cities in the United States.

Do you see the trend? The DNC machine has failed to legally remove Trump from office due to utter lack of any evidence whatesoever and have moved on to a more violent and deadly methods. Many non-military Coup’s are made of smaller minorities that take control of the media, the streets and force the politicians to support them. Just a few years ago could you imagine a national congressman or senator supporting bloodshed on the streets? It’s now happened.

Expect to see continued violence and bloodshed across America up to the election at least and if Trump wins expect it to double & quadruple and spread to every major city while Biden contests the skewed and chaotic election results while the DNC blames Trump for the electoral mess the DNC created, all supported by the majority of the mass media.

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