Gofundme for Sexual Predators

Gofundme for Sexual Predators

Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested for homicide last week for what may or may not have been self defense, as claimed by his defense attorney and supported by video and eye witness accounts. Gofundme disagrees and has passed judgement on Kyle Rittenhouse declaring him guilty till proven innocent. They shut down his gofundme account for his legal defense and have banned any new funds for him on their platform.

Lawyer Posts Phone Message From Kyle Rittenhouse From Jail | The Daily Wire

Jacob Blake was shot by police for resisting arrest for an outstanding warrant for sexual assault, domestic abuse, disorderly conduct, trespassing and violating a restraining order against him being where he was shot, while he was evading the police and ostensible reaching for a weapon on the floor board of his car. Gofundme has left his account open and it currently has 2.2 million in it as of this writing.

Jacob Blake Had Outstanding Arrest Warrant For Sexual Assault Facing Upto  8-1/2 Years In Prison | GreatGameIndia

What is the message we are to take from Gofundme? Is it now only for victims that fit the gofundme liberal agenda? What is this not-so-secret formula gofundme has that promotes sexual assault but condemns self-defense?

I don’t know their exact formula but I can state with confidence that I will no longer be donating to any causes via gofundme.

To donate to Kyle’s defense fund you can go here GiveSendGo.com, I post this here because googling for this might prove difficult because your search results will show news articles and snopes articles that conveniently have links to gofundme but just refer to GiveSendGo as a “self described christian crowdfund” and don’t link to the actual site. Here it is again: https://www.givesendgo.com/GUCZ.

I don’t make premature assumptions of Kyle’s guilt or innocence until we know all of the facts, to do so at this point would make me just as dumb as the pundits who have already passed judgement without knowing the facts (That’s you goFUndme).

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