Hulu hates Trump?

Hulu hates Trump?

Ok, maybe they don’t hate Trump, but they certainly love DNC/Biden/Harris.  I turn on the TV last week during the DNC and find a background image of the Democratic National Convention including Biden & Harris.  It’s a full-screen background image behind all of the guide pages.  That’s fine, it’s DNC week.  This week is RNC week, I turn on Hulu and what do I find?  If you have Hulu you probably already know they have a liberal lean to them.  I might have expected to see the background changed back to it’s normal multi-colored or sometimes promos for new Hulu Original series, but I would be wrong.

On the first night of the RNC, Hulu is sporting a new background of Biden Harris. I thought “Maybe that’s an advertisement?”.  So I checked the advertising options on Hulu’s website, nope, that’s not a placement option, at least not for us mere mortals.  Maybe it’s just for the Elite, then why didn’t the RNC buy that spot?  My guess is that spot wasn’t available to the RNC for purchase if it is an ad placement spot at all.

I move past that, decided to watch a little RNC on FoxNews.  Hulu said “not so fast.”  They moved the categories & TV station placement around again but they didn’t stop there.  They removed the name of the networks on the regular guide so it’s even harder to find the station you want.  I certainly don’t want to watch the RNC with CNN’s Trump Derangement commentary.

We watch a little RNC, if you didn’t watch any of it I recommend you watch the closer from Monday night, Tim Scott Speech.  I thought maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see and this is all just a big innocent coincidence so I checked the numbers.

Hulu political donations – source:

Suspicions confirmed, between 96%-100% of their donations go straight to DNC PAC’s.  Maybe Hulu doesn’t hate Trump but they are doing a poor job convincing us otherwise.



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