Now hiring Pollsters

Now hiring Pollsters

I think we can all agree that Pollsters botched the 2016 election forecasts. They had 4 years to fix their inept arithmetic, but as far as I can tell they spent the entire 4 years hoping the US population would fix their voting to match their polling instead.

My single biggest wish this morning is that every single pollster is looking for a new job this morning in a new industry. I suggest lawn mowing, christmas light decorating and similar, those are much more honorable jobs than being a pollster and I suspect they would be much better at it.

It probably sound like a big leap from polling to lawn mowing but there’s some underlying logic to it, try to follow. My kids are good at mowing the lawn, but don’t have a clue how to run a poll; Pollsters also don’t have a clue how to run a poll, therefore they should be good at mowing lawns, right? Maybe that’s fuzzy logic, either way I contend that any pollsters that didn’t get fired first thing this morning should quit their jobs immediately and save any sense of honor they have left.

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