Val Demings blames Democrat riots on Trump

Val Demings blames Democrat riots on Trump

Rep Val Demings, Dem-FL joined the recent rhetoric to blame the liberal, BLM & Antifa (All Democrats) violence & bloodshed on the streets on Trump. On Face the Nation, she dodged the question asking for a “Message to Activists”, and instead spun it around on Trump.

  • “Wouldn’t it be nice for the president of the United States to take to the microphone or the airwaves and send a message for peace and calm”
  • “This now more than ever is a time when we need to hear from the President of the United States”
  • “The chaos and disorder and lawlessness we are currently seeing, that’s Donald Trump’s America”
  • “the discord the nation is experiencing is the product of the way Trump has decided to run the country”

The DNC Machine has coordinated it’s loyal soldiers to push the message that Trump is to blame for the riots. The Democrats are the ones rioting in the streets, the Democrats are the ones allowing more democrats to burn cities to the ground, the Democrats are the ones assaulting & murdering innocent victims, all the while being portrayed as “Mostly peaceful protests” by CNN. How does Val Demings keep a straight face while lying on national TV?

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